Saturday, January 28, 2017

Best Return on Investment on a daily basis? Tips

Have a discussion about the best ways to spend those hard earned ($$$) diamonds.
What gets you the most bang for your buck? There a lot of guides but since there are many new game mode additions I thought it worth bringing up again as a discussion.
Most know that daily spending for stamina is a must, the two rounds for 50, the alliance builds and if you can afford it the other refills for 100. Beyond this how do you prioritize spending after level 60 (mid game) and 80+ (late game)
Stamina is most important until you hit max level and continues as you require runes but what do you prioritize on a daily basis next, or spend on regularly?
Please share your thoughts and habits.

1. Answer
Skill ups - I only do 3 skills per day. No diamonds spent here.
Gold - I use 2 Goldfingers per day or If I'm short on Goldfingers, I'd use 1 then purchase another one for 20 diamonds. It increases the To Do gauge by +8 per use of Goldfinger or purchase by diamonds.
Hero Soul Shards - No diamonds spent here since most are available through SE.
Elite stage reset - I would only do stage reset when I'm gathering essence during an awakening quest. I'd limit the reset up to 3 times. I think it's 70 diamonds total.
Beast Soul Crystal - No diamonds spent here.
Bread for ancient runes vs stardust wish - No diamonds spent here.
Prayers - Daily free prayer & up to 100k on Normal Prayers. It might be a different story during Prayer events.
Shadow Essence - No diamonds spent here.
Resource for Academy - I'd purchase at least once a day. 40 diamonds
Wishing Pool - No diamonds spent here
Market/Discount shop - Prayer books & Stamina and maybe Mid Ancient Soul from time to time.
Abyss Treasure shovels and rerolls for better rarity - No rerolls, but I buy at least once on shovels. 50 diamonds
Crystal dungeon - No diamonds spent here
Bread for ancient runes vs stardust wish - No diamonds spent here
Rune Cores - I first get a hero to 60% on Rune attributes then spam 20 diamonds trying to match a specific element. Getting a 100% elemental state can be expensive.
Events - 50% Off Discount. I usually buy the stamina deal. 250 diamonds for 10 Spaghetti.

2. Answer
a) Always have enough diamonds to complete the dragon prayer event. This varies depending on your prayer level but makes a HUGE difference especially early on. It also builds up a priest point advantage versus other players later because you end up unlocking higher level prayers sooner.

b) Open up second queue at every opportunity and game it for extra time. As the queue time is closing upgrade your kingdom, as kingdom levels the high cooldown effectively diminishes spending per day while accruing a 100% time advantage vs anyone who doesn't do this.

c) Always have roughly 35k+ shadow essence in bank for the spend more event.

d) When double rune events happen, save stamina buys until just before server reset time, including the second stamina buffet, 5 minutes before server reset make 6 stamina and alliance buys, then repeat after reset.

e) Try not to spend diamonds on healing spring unless absolutely necessary. Try to trade up versus your opponent if and when you are forced to spend it. Similarly, avoid spending diamonds on war related stuff like relocation and repair.

f) 50% off event has a good deal on prayer books that can be gamed for value (+675-1125[if you manage to save 3k meat in bag]), similarly, most events that offer diamond deals have a "best" deal available. For instance the fireworks event has orange runes if you are willing to save some items between events.

g) As far as daily spending goes, spend tbe bare minimum and save up for dragon prayer event. If you find yourself at too big a surplus in diamond income however try to have dragon priest leveled up to 14 by troop level 75. If you are still at a surplus buy 6 stamina everyday instead of 2. If still at surplus start looking for good legendaries, starting at theresa, saizo and vortex if his event is coming up(always at least once a month).

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