Friday, January 27, 2017

New Upcomming Update - Released on 2.2.17

# Pulan
Awakened skill - Deep Freeze: When the Pulan' health drops below 10% - it freezes itself for 5 seconds, during this 5-second restored his health and energy. He is invulnerable during freezing and can not attack itself. Fires once per battle.

Heroes Changes:

#Red Hood
The first skill is now a base attack: Hood uses a gun to damage the enemy in a fan-shaped area. New first skill - Torpedo shot: Little Red Riding Hood turns black and starts to shoot torpedoes at the enemy, which is the farthest from her. Damages on the field. The second skill - Barricade: Now, first of all shoots on the back row characters.

Ultimate - "Mega-pressure" - increased range of the skill, also increased residence time in the camp with 2 seconds to 2.2 seconds. Passive Skill - "Overload" - immunity to Pitching in the air will not work when Crash imposed silence. We will continue to closely monitor the Crash battles against Edwin.

Ultimate - "Beat the soul" - the characters of which have been sucked the soul will lose even more physical and magical powers. Furthermore, damage to the soul that receives and transmits the body - does not awaken heroes from a sleep state.

New hero
Role: the arrows of the central row. It inflicts a serious critical hits and can change shape. Ultimate - Shadow eclipse: 6 Spreads wings and feathers fires causing numerous physical damage, hurts to 5 enemies. Passive: during the transformation, the battlefield plunges into hell and all the characters receive a bonus physical damage, depending on their critical strike chance. The first skill - Void: Deals massive physical damage to targets. After transformation skill coverage is increasing, and the target takes stunning. The second skill - emptiness Rana: Summons a void claws that attack the enemy and inflict physical damage. After transformation of the damage and the radius of the clutches of the action significantly increased. Passive Skill - hell Area: increases the level of your critical strike. When the Allies inflict critical hits - Lucifer gets Seraphim layer, this layer increases the attack speed of Lucifer and his critical strike chance. When he accumulates layers 5 is transformed into Seraphim. After transformation, it receives the addition of armor, magical protection, skills, his basic attacks deal massive damage.

Other changes
Changes in the stages of the campaign in which the drop soul gems Pearls, and Max Bauer.

It adjusts the position so that the ability to "field power" covered as much as possible allies.

Changed the description for # # Monk and Smoke: Dashing Assassins

Content update
The main town
Strengthening equipment, temple dragon, talent, soul and animal protection Runes cores have been combined into a new building: the Temple of the hero.

Tournament parts of the beast
Added new feature: Quick victory. Pass the weak stages, get for their awards and go immediately to a strong block. It can be used) only in weak divisions. The maximum division, which can get a player with the "quick victory" depends on the division employed them in the previous tournament.The use of "quick wins" costs a fighting chance.

Alliance's Carrier
A) New building castle alliance: Carrier Alliance. It allows you to conveniently relocate the members of the alliance.
B)Leader or Elder of the alliance can deliver "Carrier Alliance" on any place of the world map, and then the leader of the alliance call members will be able to move close to the carrier, as well as receive a powerful combat buff.
C) When the level of the carrier increases it'll increasing the number of members of the alliance can move to it.
D) To transfer to the carrier card is used to move or honor points of the alliance.

Magic Squares
Adjusted operating time magic squares for the combined servers. Now they will start a week after the start of the war alliances, and then the war alliances and magic squares will alternate weekly.

Soul Beast
A) Added animation when receiving a piece of purple animal soul.

Mine Treasure
It increased the amount of gold produced in the later stages of the treasures of the mine.

Increased speed automatic exit from the room after the battle in Subterre.
Improved notification for war alliances.
Now that you can make a bet  will illuminate a red dot.
Fixed a bug in the war kingdoms, when the arena closed lock.
Added a button to skip the animation 50ti gold wishes and desires of 10 souls in the fountain of desires

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