Friday, January 27, 2017

New Update - New Heroes Nezha, Jasmine New Update Incoming!
Hero Changes

New Hero:
1. Nezha
Role: Front row Tank. Protects team, initiates, and counter-attacks.
Ultimate – Omnitractor: Assumes a counterstrike stance, and within the next 3 seconds, wards off one long-range attack and then teleports behind the source of the attack, dealing multiple hits of damage, also knocking airborne all surrounding enemies when Nezha teleports and reappears.
Green – Impenetrable: Waves his six limbs for 4 seconds, blocking long range projectiles for all allied tanks during that time, and also deflecting back the first projectile, after which Nezha’s attack power will increase.
Blue - Steel on Steel: When taking damage, Nezha has a 25% chance of getting a spark which can be actively used. Once all sparks are used up, he will regen health. He can store up to 4 sparks.
Passive - Battle Hardened: Each time Nezha takes damage, his armor and magic resist will increase. Stacks up to 10 times.

2. Jasmine
Role: Mid row Mage. Puts enemies to sleep and does crowd control.
Ultimate - Night Attack: Summons a targetable magic lamp & blinds all enemies with darkness. If the lamp is destroyed, the light will return, restoring sight. If it is not destroyed in time, all enemies will fall asleep.
Green - Terror Shade: Summons a shadow at the very rear of the enemy formation which will move to the nearest enemy and deal area damage upon impact and putting dmgd heroes to sleep. The size and damage of the explosion will decrease as the shadow moves.
Blue - Shadow Strike: Deals one hit of damage to all enemies. This damage will not awaken enemies from sleep.
Passive -Terror's Embrace: Every time an enemy falls asleep, attack damage and ability power will increase for all allies for a brief time. Stacks up to 5 times.

3.Hero Awakening:
Awaken Skill - Soul Nirvana: Suddenly recovers massive health & energy when health drops to 0, as well as a Backfire effect. Health will continue to drop for the next 10s, and healing effects received will be doubled.

4. Max
Now Max has grown a beard! (Slight changes made to his appearance.)

Update Content
1. Rune Drops:
a) Some purple and orange rune fragment drops have been raised in Campaign stages.
b) Added extra purple or orange rune fragment drops to stages of all difficulties for Ch. 12-16.
c) Lowered the required level for some Orange runes one level.

2. Added a privileges system to the Proving Grounds which will greatly increase the amount of rune/gold/exp drops from Trials.
a) Unlocks at Troop Lv 80.
b) Players permanently upgrade their privileges as they reach certain goals.
c) The higher one’s privilege level, the more bonus rewards there will be.
d) Current privilege goals: reach a certain number of Orange or Orange +2 heroes.

3. Removed the VIP restriction on Crystal Dungeon torches. Now players at VIP 6 and under can use torches to sweep the dungeon.

4. Added a “Quick Claim” button to the Mailbox. Players at Troop Lv 40 or above can claim all the items from all their messages with one tap of a button.

5. Added a Hero Level gift box to Alliance gifts to replace the Rune gift box.

1. Improved UI display and text color for the auto-pray function.

2. At the end of Kingdom War, alliances with 0 medals will be ranked according to active/inactive actions.

3. Subterra related improvements:
a) Added a “time to closing” countdown.
b) Added an Alliance Chat feature.
c) Invite notices can be seen in the Subterra main page and main hall.
d) Invite notifications from other players will be turned off by default now. You can set it to “On” in the Settings -> Notifications menu under “Subterra Request”.
e) Improved the reward page in Subterra.

4. Improved descriptions for Captain Skills (Aura-type Captain skills cease when the captain dies/permanent skills do not stop working after the captain dies.)

5. Discount Coupon Event improvement: When left in the event interface, previous coupon selection status will be remembered automatically. If the player leaves the event interface, the status will be reset.

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