Friday, January 27, 2017

Update - York, Pearl buffs; various adjustments

Hero Adjustments
Lilith's Blood Curse greatly increased the amount of treatment.This time Lilith can become a real vampire.
Awakening Skill: Traceless: Attack damage, attack strength conversion rate increased and in the Stun, Silence, Imprisoned state can still be launched.
Station adjustment, Now Lorya in the main tanks stance.
Passive: Extreme fire: Team basic attack has been increased.
Ultimate: Shark Swarm: The collision radius of each shark to enhance the scope of a large move raised.
Skill 1: Dark Tide: Skill Description Optimize, attack all enemy units in the back, if there is no back row to attack all the rows, and so on (skills logic unchanged).
Passive: Ocean Power: Team basic attack increased.
Soul stone will drop in Stages now
Skills 1: Flamethrower: Skill damage increased, the skill damage will be equally shared by enemy units.
Skill 2: Tear Gas: The skills will give priority to the enemy at the back of the hero.
Awakening Skills: Single Power: Single dog hero to increase the attack power.
Skill 1: Rock Armor: Shield absorb damage increased.
Fixed a bug. The bug cause Jacob's Ultimate still may be interrupted by control skills.
Ultimate: Remade the animation of Blade Strike, now more clearly distinguish between normal Saizo and Blade Strike Saizo
Added levels, shops, black market and other output channels, available in the soul of the exchange.ros.

Update Content
Experience Bottle Drop
Increase the number of Experience Bottles in all 16th and 17th Campaigns.
Increase Exp drop of Exp Trial: Difficulty XIII(13).
Increased the number of Exp obtained when Levy Exp above the 91 level
Increased the number of Lv 8/9/10 mines on the big map.
Dragon Prayer
The addition of an automatic prayer function, you can easily carry out continuous prayer.
Unlock Dragon Priest LV12+
After VIP7+ players unlocked the Crusade sweep, each manual challenge can get an additional sweeping crystal, and the crystal ceiling to 5.
Get a New Hero
Remade the animation of new hero getting.
Shadow Mine
After taking possession of the mine, allies marching toward the mine will show a green marching line, and non-allies marching towards the mine will show a red marching line.
Sky City
Countable countdowns are added when challenged.
Optimize the display of the ranking rewards, showing the ranking rewards and the bonus rewards separately.
Optimized BOSS's description, the long text can be dragged to see.
Rune Core
if player lack of Rune Core Enhancing material, the game will notice as: lack of material, not energy shortage.
Fixed a bug where the material was sufficient but prompted insufficient material after obtaining the privilege.
Magic Squares
Reduces the probability of a props point gaining an invincible card.

-Optimized the expression of the flower interface display.
-Optimize the continuous landing Event.
-Search the mine will be ruled out allies are mine to mine.
-You can now start a chat directly from someone's name card.
-The Institute now displays a red dot when the cooling time is less than 8 hours.
-Arena, Voyage, Union (interface shows other player's lineup), now you can click on these lineup to view hero details.
-Players unlocked the soul stone wishing fountain can check the daily hero and hot hero in interface now.
-Rahm's crystal and other gold items added the description of the selling price.
-For Random Beast Soul item (Getting from flower system, Beast Soul Tourney and other channels) now will automatically open.
-Half-price discount event, once the player use a discount coupon, discount coupons tick status will be remain ticked.

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