Friday, January 27, 2017

Dragon Prayer Event Tips

This post is to spell out just how good this event can be (especially mid vip players). This is probably already common knowledge for high vips, but I thought I'd share my findings for those who may be missing out. Best deal? I don't know, it's up there. It can be debated that spending 100 diamonds for 0 power is a bad deal. But eventually, if you are serious about powering up, you need to pray. Pray hard. To the dragon. I am going to spell out how to exactly get the full 1050 points during the Dragon Prayer event by only spending 2500 diamonds.
We recently finished a prayer event. Only about 10 people got the full amount of prayer points on the whole server. Thus, if you get the full points each time, you will raise to the top.
For background, I am a vip 7, on a middle age server (355 Smoke - definitely not one of the strongest, by any means, from what I read), lvl 82, usually top 20 in arena. I guess those last two parts aren't too important.
For this technique to be successful, however, you must invest more in a prior Dragon Prayer event, enough to get the full 1050 points, gaining you 240 points worth of prayer points. This will likely cost you in the vicinity of 5500 diamonds.

For reference:
30 Points = 1 Book*
80 Points = 2 Books
170 Points = 4 Books
330 Points = 8 Books
620 Points = 16 Books
1050 Points = 24 Books

For ease of explanation/math, all books I mention should be considered expert prayer books (worth 10 points each in the event).

Step 1: Complete event once on your own. (See reference above at approximately how many diamonds it will cost you). Get 24 books.
Step 2: Save those books. Resist the urge to spend them until another prayer event comes along. They will call your name everyday, but you will be strong. Beat them into submission.
Step 3: Save 2500 diamonds in preparation for next event. Use self control. Fight for the greater good.
Step 4: The next prayer event turns up. Shout for joy.
Step 5: Day 1. Use 24 prayer books. Gain 7 books. Use them. Free daily prayer + 10 gold wishes. Gain 8 more books. Use them. Good job. Without spending a single diamond you have already accumulated 410 points.
Step 6: Day 2. Free daily prayer + 10 gold wishes. You now have 430 points. Agonize you aren't closer.
Step 7: Day 3. Free daily prayer + 10 gold wishes. You feel discouraged. Push forward for the greater good! Spend 1700** diamonds to get to next level and claim 16 more books. Spend books. You now have 780 points. No more freebies til the end. Spend 2700** more diamonds. Get 1050 points and 24 more free books.
**Congratulations! You've spent 4400 diamonds! Wait, that's more than I promised! Ah wait, we haven't included other free prayer chances that pop up along the way. Hard to know exactly how many and when they'll appear, but let's guess you get 10 throughout the event. That 4400 diamonds you spent goes down to 3400.
Say what? You are at priest level 12? That's a 10% discount on expert prayers. That 3400 diamonds goes down to 3060.
Oh, and you accumulated books like you should from events, shops, and alliance gift? That's a number I can't predict, but it should be something! Right? Maybe another 550? Doable? Yes! That 3060 goes down to 2500 (who cares about those extra 10 diamonds at this point, right?)
Congratulations again! You've only spent 2500 diamonds on 10500 worth of dragon prayers. That's a 76% discount.
Step 8: Save those 24 books and wait impatiently for the next Dragon Prayer event.

Edit: I should have mentioned more explicitly, although it was implied, I was only at Priest level 12 and only had access to Expert prayers when this post was made. As others have mentioned below, this will become much easier once you reach higher level prayers.

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