Friday, January 27, 2017

Update - 4xAWAKENING

Hero Awakening:
1.LUKE Awakening
Skills:Firework Shoot:During Torpedo Barrage, shell (AOE damage) random enemies, and lower the healing effect. Shell 5 enemies max.Luke’s attack rang slightly increased.
2.SUE Awakening
Skills:Piercing shot:when damage to low energy gaining enemies, Sue will deal extra armor penetration and the attack can not be evaded
3.ZOE Awakening
Skills:Magnet Cell:The target hit by Power Field will be Stunned for a short time and take additional damage
4.MUSE Awakening
Skills: Gloriously Radiant:Teammates who affected by Galactic Blast Healing Star will get recieve a healing effect for 4 seconds.

Hero Balanced:
Passive:Extreme Hold:Increase Ability Power.Skill 2:Magic Hold:increase the holding time, enemies will be holding longer in air(Including the Magic hold triggered by passive skills)

Update contents
Wild Monster Raida) Newly added Lv6 & Lv7 Wild Monster, players may get more Exp and Gold from rally.

2. Alliance Gift
a. Adjust the content of the Alliance Gift, now the reward from alliance gift is more attractive.
b. Improved the reward of alliance member(open from alliance chat)
c. Alliance Lv5 will unlock Advance Alliance Gift, which including prayer books and Shadow Essences. The content of Advance Alliance Gift may changed by different event.

-Rune Core
After the Rune core have reached max level, overflowed energy will become random white rune.b) Fixed Max’s rune core showing errors.
-Alliance Mega Mines
Reserves of Alliance Mega Mines have been doubled, and more Turf fragments could be mine from Alliance Mega Mines.
Add a showing effect to reinforce heroes.

Improved castle selecting interface.
Improved early stage game experience
When checking the participate players in chat group, the adding option will appears on the top of chat group.
Battle report in Crystal dungeon will show main lineup and substitute heroes now.5. New animation for quest complete.

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