Thursday, May 19, 2016

Possible new hero: Kong Ming

Hi players I got same news about new (VIP) hero.

Hero name: Kong Ming
Hero description: Back row Support. Magic basic attack. Can send the enemy into his team's formation.
  • Ming Power - Summons 3 magic spells that deal damage to whichever enemy they hit.
  • Green Dragon - Summons a dragon to fight alongside Kong Ming. The dragon casts taunts at the enemy under cover of heavy armor, but also takes extra AoE damage.
  • Ming Portal - Summons a magic portal, rendering the enemy motionless. If the portal is not broken while in effect, the enemy will teleport in front of Kong Ming.
  • Master Plan - Kong Ming periodically casts a spell on an enemy, dealing extra dmg and a 1s stun if the enemy takes AoE magic dmg while under the spell.

Snakes look amazing. Weird face. Skills - OP (overpowered)

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