Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcoming Update - Released on Monday 12.dec.16

Upcoming Update - New hero: Tartarus, Kingdom Wars

Hero Changes
  1. Lorya: Blue Skill: Wing of Fury: Speed up the casting timethus lowering the chance that the skill may get interrupted.
  2. New Hero: Tartarus
    • 2-star hero.
    • Role: Front row Damager, physical basic attack, can create nightmares to weaken his enemies.
    • Ultimate: Soul Bash: Attacks the whole enemy team, causing their souls to leave their bodies, putting them in an out-of-body state until the soul returns. A portion of damage taken by a soul will be transferred to the hero, and if the soul is killed, it will immediately return to its body, dealing huge damage and extending Out-of-Body duration. Out-of-Body: greatly lowers the target's attack damage and ability power when its soul is extracted by Tartarus. The souls have the same stats as the hero they belong to.
    • Blue Skill 1: Death Bloom: Deals area damage to nearest enemy while also lowering the enemy's attack speed and movement speed.
    • Blue Skill 2: Night Terror: A Night Terror grows on a random enemy's body, dealing continuous dmg. Both Night Terror and Tartarus can cast Death Bloom.
    • Passive Skill: Soul Terror: Increasing Tartarus's attack damage. All sleeping heroes will be put into Out-of-Body State.

Monday, December 5, 2016

[Wiklrleaks] Orange +4 hero quality, Rune Cores, New Hero: Hades, Internal Kingdom Wars

Buckle your seatbelts, wiklrleaks are really leaky this time.

Orange +4 hero quality and Rune Cores
A little is known about Orange +4 quality itself, but it will unlock yet another way of raising heroes' power: Rune Cores. Looks like it's similar to Beast Souls.

  1. At Orange +4 heroes will unlock Rune Cores, with the white Rune Core being unlocked by default. Other Rune Cores require corresponding Rune Core Keys to unlock them which can be obtained from Odin's Realm or Blessings.
  2. Enhancing Rune Cores requires spending Rune Core Elements, with different amounts needed at different levels.
  3. When a certain number of Rune Cores are enhanced to a certain level, they will advance. After advancing, all Rune Core growth attributes will increase, as well as element levels.
  4. Each Rune Core has four attribute types: fire, water, earth, and wind. When a Rune Core is in a certain element state, the corresponding attribute will receive a bonus percentage boost.
  5. Enhancing Rune Cores may change their element states, and adding spirits can also change their element states.

New Update ! Released on Monday 5.dec.16

Hero Changes
  1. West: Increased casting rate for Blue Skill Energy Chaser. Now West will keep casting multiple Energy Chasers.
    • As a representative of the "Kung Fu" set of heroes, West's fighting style should be more action-packed, so we increased the rate of his teleport skill. This makes it easier for him to avoid non-aimed skills and increase his damage output. It also makes him seem more like an action star.
  2. Pearl
    • Pearl Soulstone requests can now be made on the Soul Exchange.
Update Content
  1. Subterra
    • To accommodate players in more time zones, opening times for Subterra have been changed to server time 5:00-8:00, 11:00-14:00, and 18:00-21:00.
    • We've improved data transmission for joining rooms between servers to reduce “timeout” occurrences.
    • Now players can send up to 5 invitations to the same players within a 15 minute time window. (Originally 1 invitation)
    • Bug fix: Scylla's HP regen skill was sometimes mistakenly interrupted.

Hero Tierlist - free to play

f2p Tierlist Magic Rush Heroes (01.12.2016) by Riven (Merger 70)

Hey everyone, I made a tierlist of which heroes you should level/skill up as a free to play player and overall. Im going to sort this in different categorys.
  • Arena shop:
  • 100% go for Jacob here until you have him gold starred. Jacob is one of your highest priority heroes to level up because he works great for arena and crystal dungeon.
  • After that you can go for either Thanos or Spar, it doesnt really matter since both are kind of trash.
  • Crusade shop:
  • Its up to you here, but you should get Blaine and Mira both to gold star. Blaine is sort of a must have for arena as a free to play player and also works for some crystal dungeon stages aswell.
  • Mira works for nearly every arena team and is a BEAST at orange +3 so definently work on her aswell. After you got both of them gold starred, focus on Gorgana. Bibo is useless right now.
  • Treasure Shop:
  • Go for gerber here, but keep in mind that he is not that great anymore! Still you should get Gerber to gold star and after that you can just wait for runes that you want to buy. Gerber can work pretty well in arena but is NOT considerd as a tank anymore! You will have to pair him with a tank like chavez or Kaiser to keep him alive.
  • Ignore Torin, hes terrible.
  • Hero-Brawl shop:
  • Pandarus is great for Arena teams and so is Gridlock. Pandarus is a backrow heavy dps mage and marksman, whilest Gridlock is more of a support focused marksman with a great ultimate. Personally I reccomend going for Pandarus first, since he has insane dps at Gold star and can fit into nearly every arena team. Gridlock becomes better than him in the really late stages of the game (Orange +3 all heroes in your arena team).

Abyss Treasure - Strip Mining

Random Digging

Strip Mining

In the two abyss treasure map dug with same amount of shovels, one randomly and one maximizing the ratio between discovered and dug out area.
Simple and straightforward, the random mining you just dug down and aim for treasure but for strip mining, you have to dug down until you you are 2 blocks away from the lowest block and proceed to dig left or right until you are 2 blocks away from each side too; Once you cleared the deepest row out, make sure you would dig out 3 blocks from undiscovered row to maximize the discovered area as much as possible.
Until before the timer ends, you dig treasure out at once or alternatively, dig treasures at batches. This digging method does not effectively apply until you reach late levels.
Strip mining method from Minecraft somehow applies in Magic Rush: Heroes' Abyss Treasure gamemode too.

Thanks to Rilene from reddit: original link

Legendary Heroes and Where to Find Them

I totally did not rip off the title from a certain movie.
So you want to get your first legendary hero, but you don't know which one and how? Excellent! You came to the right place.

Legendary Heroes Overview
There are 14 legendary heroes available at this moment. Two of them are easily farmable for non-VIP players. To get the rest, you need to spend diamonds. Some legends cost more diamonds than the others. All legends belong to the same awakening group Legendary Alliance.
For a more detailed discussion about each legend, search the subreddit and check the wiki. For team ideas check out the Team Recommender.
As a rule of thumb, tanks need plenty of health/stars to be viable. Mid- and back-row heroes can be useful even at 3 stars.

A physical support, but can still dish out decent damage. Provides fantastic shields for your team and drains energy from enemies. Useful even at 3 stars in both physical and magic teams. Combine with Awakened Kaiser and two healers for a very sturdy and annoying PvP team that can sustain itself over many fights. A very good choice for your first paid legend.
Available From: Events, Soulstone Wish