Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Maybe in new update

Hero Change Plans,
Greetings Heroes,
Recently we've received lots of feedback from players about hero changes, and based on this feedback, we are considering making some tweaks in coming updates. Below are our thoughts at present. If you aren't happy with something, leave us a message and we will revise our update plans accordingly!

1. Two New Awakened Heroes: We know players have been waiting for new Awakened heroes, so we plan to awaken Uther and Murphy!
2. Role Change for Bibo: In Crusade, Mira and Bibo have always had kind of redundant roles. In a previous update, we changed Mira to make her more of a pure single-target attacker. Now we're changing Bibo's single-target skills and turning him into a hero capable of mass AoE damage.
3. Enlarging Lorya's Attack Range: As Lorya's main offensive skill, the attack range of Tornado Strike is a little too small, so we're thinking of enlarging it.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Some Question and Answers #1

A question, why cant i relocate after i have been attacked? Why do i have to wait for the attackers troops to get back to his castle? Why?
You can relocate any time you have all your troops inside your castle.
No you cant, as long as there are people attacking you its impossible to relocate. Try it for yourself, gonna see what i am about.
You need to use something other than a random relocate. MM card or a cheaper Mystery Land cars will do the trick. You can also pop a piece shield and then random relocate unless you're in PS cooldown.


After the last update dragon prayer came alive. Now I am seeing red dots on the side of hero's icons , what are these red dots and what do they mean?
It's related to the Dragon Prayer. The red dots correspond to unlocked Bonus Rewards. 1 red dot = 1 Bonus Reward, 2 dots = 2 Bonus Rewards, etc. Bonus Rewards are unlocked once your Priest levels up and when your bonus attributes reach a certain threshold. For example, Saizo will get his first red dot (+87 to Attack Damage) once you get at least 120 Attack Damage from prayers alone.


Has anyone tested and can confirm whether or not the game knows the difference between a miss caused by blind and a miss caused by dodge? Kaiser's passive says specifically that he and his teammates will regen some hp when they "Dodge" an attack, so what I'm asking is if combining Kaiser with a teammate who can blind will effectively increase the chance for misses that cause healing for he and his teammates.
I'm fairy sure it will work. Blind and dodge are two sides of the same coin. Blind simply reduces hit chance and you can counter dodge with more hit chance (for example from items or attributes gained through increasing quality). Thus, if the enemy misses, Kaiser's passive should always be triggered. The cause of that miss (increased dodge of the defender or lowered hit chance of the attacker) shouldn't affect Kaiser's passive. My rudimentary tests with Kaiser and Baggins confirm this is the case.


How does Energy Gain/Regen Work?

Really good question from Reddit. Here are the answers :)

How does Energy Gain/Regen Work?

- a hero with 100 Energy Regen gains X energy when he gets hit or launches an attack. Energy Regen is the amount you regen at the of the fight. Now, if a hero has an Energy Boost, he will gain X + Energy Boost amount with each basic attack. With Energy Steal the extra amount will be additionally removed from the enemy hero. Crabbie's/Karas'/Sebastian's passive shows the amount of gained energy per minute, but actually works incrementally. So 180 Energy per minute will translate to 3 Energy per second.


So in reality Energy Regen is clearly not as impactful as Energy Boost/Steal in combat. So the dragon prayers of +300 and +400 energy regen does not do as much as you'd think in areas like arena. Am I missing something?

- exactly. It's nice to have though in game modes like the Crusade, but it's absolutely useless in the Arena/Brawl.


Energy regen is how much you gain energy at the end of the battle. I noticed obvious boost in regen when i leveled my Theresa with runes. There are energy steal and boost which will affect arena. Afaik energy regen will not.


So having an Aurai with 120 Energy Regen vs one with 500 would have little to no impact on arena fights?

- zero impact


Thanks to eleonoris from reddit to answer every question :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New update - what is comming on 30.may.16

New screens from test server players of new update :)
2 new heroes - 1 Legend + 1 month sign in hero
Murphy redesign

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Magic Rush Heroes: Ideal Equipment for Heroes

is my own opinion which hero what equipment use for mid-game and end-game.

FORGOTTEN HEROES: Smoke Butterfly Dagger: Releases self from a stun, silence, blind, or imprisoned state and increases attack power for a time Killer Blade: Increases hero's crit strike multiplier Spartacus Golden Apple: Have a certain chance being immune to a stun, silence, imprison, or terror effect. Eternal Ice: Increases hero's attack speed; Decreases surrounding enemy heroes' attack speed Seeley Golden Apple: Have a certain chance being immune to a stun, silence, imprison, or terror effect. Eternal Ice: Increases hero's attack speed; Decreases surrounding enemy heroes' attack speed Uther Thorny Embrace: Use this to cause rebound damage to any skill casting target wihtin a period of time. Sapphire Scepter: Increases a hero's magic resist according to their current level Yuan Lufia's Ward: Greatly increases your armor and magic resist for a period of time Eternal Ice: Increases hero's attack speed; Decreases surrounding enemy heroes' attack speed

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Murphy redesign + another possible new hero

Murphy's new skills

  • Snake Swarm (previously Raging Sea): Summons a bunch of snakes to swarm the battlefield, dealing 3 hits of damage to enemies in the area and interrupting their actions.
  • Viper Gaze (Ocean Swell): The viper's gaze causes enemies to shudder, lowering the armor of 2 enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Poison Cure (Sea Guardian): Uses venom to heal the most injured teammate. If health is under 50%, it will heal double. If already at max health, it will deal damage.
  • Snake Power (Ocean's Power): Uses mysterious magic to strengthen her team's attack damage and ability power.
So, keeping up with the snake theme, this picture which was posted in yesterday's thread might actually be a redesigned Murphy, not Kong Ming.

New hero: Diaochan

Hero name: Diaochan
Hero description: Mid row Mage. Magic basic attack. Has powerful battlefield mop-up capabilities.
  • Prime Flurry - Suddenly appears behind an enemy and deals continuous magic damage for 2s to nearby enemies. The closer they are, the higher the damage dealt.
  • Heart Breaker - Deals magic damage to an enemy, causing the target to bleed and continuously take damage for 8s.
  • City Toppler - Throws out multiple blades, dealing magic damage to up to 5 enemies.
  • Take Flight - After an enemy unit dies, she will regen some health and get an increase in attack speed for 5s.
(Reddit post)

That means new hero with Snakes is maybe only new Murphy. I am only little bit confused about Poison Cure - on auto battle she can put skill to full healed hero and damage him.

About new hero Diaochan - with these skills is maybe Legend Hero
It sound like Magic Assassin Ninja.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Crystal Dungeon PASSED lvl 120 NO VIP

Magic Rush Heroes: Crystal Dungeon PASS lvl 120 NO VIP

how to pass level 120 with heroes: Spartacus, Aurai, Zoe, Pulan, Murphy, Crabbie, Sebastian, Gerber, Seeley, Blaine

Date: 20.05.16

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Types of TV Drama Version 2 by artist Audionautix included in the license Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ )

Artist : http://audionautix.com/

Types of TV Drama Version 1 by artist Audionautix included in the license Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ )

Artist : http://audionautix.com/

Talkshow #1 (Support Heroes)

Magic Rush Heroes: Talkshow #1 (Support Heroes)
little discussion with Aurai, Ariel, Muse, Murphy, Candy, Merlynn and Sebastian.

1. Hello Sebastian, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Thank you for inviting me. I am happy, cause I am the most used Support hero in game. Small nerf with 30s to ressurect same person is good balance. 2. How much do you like your position in back-row and your skills ? I am a supporter. I must watch the battlefield. I like my speed buff at the start of battle and with good team my Time Bullet can make decent damage to not only 1 hero. 3. Do you like be alone or with another supporter ? 4. Do you want awakening power ? What will be your 5th skill ? Yes, absolutly ! I want awakening power and skill. Right now I am in group with Merlynns lifesteal skill but I want my own skill. Some buff like dodge or ability buff will be great. 5. Last question. Which is your best team lineup ? As a supporter I can help in all teams. But I can be big help for Blaine for example cause I speed her to make her ultimate faster.

1. Hello Muse, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Thank you for inviting me. I am happy, cause I have new redesign and reworked skills. Now I am Aquarius with higher healing skills and buffs for my team. 2. What are your differences between skills now and before ? Now I can heal 3 heroes at same time with skill. Than I have ultimate skill - I can stun enemy for a while and heal my tanks. If my heroes are in danger I send a dodge buff for 1 ally and than I raise ability power to all ally members. Before I have 1 damage skill but it was nothing to much. 3. Who are in your best team ? I prefer 1 or 2 tanks which I can heal with ultimate if they are in front of me and can buff their dodge. Rest can be for example Blaine or maybe some archers behind me. 4. Do you want awakening power ? What will be your 5th skill ? Sure I want to be awake but I dont know what kind of skill will I have. If I stay as a pure support it will be some magic defense or for offense some aoe attack or maybe I summon something for defense. 5. Last question. Who is better, you or Murphy ? I hear that all time. 100% I am better. Now I can stand in Arena and heal+stun+buff like Murphy but I look more cute.

1. Hello beautifull Aurai, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Thank you for inviting me. I am fine with new skill set I am much stronger. 2. Are you sure ? I read some news that people arent happy with your reworked skills. With updates I get back my attack speed with healing on my ultimate. My shield is gone but I can heal myself and survive much longer for cast next ultimate and I can blind enemy, that means I can make for 1000 damage to only 1. 3. Are you happy with your awakening skill ? Simple answer: NO. Becouse it applies only for myself and not for members from my Group. 4. Do you think you are good choice for Arena ? After update I can be really usefull. With my awakening I can use my ultimate really quick and can heal a lot of health. I can cast Blind skill on enemy for lowering his attack damage. Now I can be a part of lineup in Arena more than before. 5. Last question. Do you like be alone or with another supporter ? In dungeon can raise my healing skills Merlynn with her ultimate. In arena I prefer to be alone as a support.

1. Hello my special guest Ariel, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Hello energy. I want energy. Do you want a shield ? 2. No thank you. Do you know that you are favorite hero of many players and that you are used in high rank at arena ? Yes I know. I took energy from everyone and make holy blades, they can cross arena rank to the top 1. 3. Can you describe me what you mean by your energy to blades or shields ? Yes. I took energy from enemy from basic attack and my holy blades skill. Than I put a massive divide shield and guard all my teammates from rangers attack. 4. Which is your best team lineup ? I am guardian angel I want peace but if I can make it with good I must support my ally to defeat the evil. Me with others Legendary heroes working together. We are undefeated with poor humans. 5. Last question. Which equipment you prefer ? My weapon is Frost Wall with Sebastians Shields.

1. Hello Merlynn, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Thank you for inviting me. I am not happy cause people hating me. I learned some new black magic skill about summoning units but I forget to how morph enemy. 2. What are you thinking about new skill set ? It is a big change and so many players use me in teams and now cant because morph skill and straight line magic beam was better for Arena and better sit with my team position. 3. How much do you like your awakening skill ? Lifesteal buff is good but I am not sure that is fit for me or my heroes Group but better than nothing and I get new clothes and a cat. 4. Which is your best team lineup ? Now is hard to tell. My AOE skill isnt working if my team has tank or two. Maybe with no tank I can be more usefull. Full mid row with for example Blaine and Baggins and with back-row Mira and Pandarus or magic dealers like Karna. 5. Last question. Which equipment you prefer ? Best option is Sebastians Shields.

1. Hello Candy, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Hi ChaO, thank you for inviting me. I am very happy to be here and be a part of Magic Rush Heroes. 2. We can put you in group with new heroes. You was in March month sign hero. Use you people ? Yes, i am very new here but I have very big potential to be a part of arena lineup. My Soulstones are new too in stages and I am only 1-star hero but my skill can be sure named like support/aoe damage. 3. Can you describe me what you mean by your support/aoe damage skills ? My supporting skill is put massive shield to my ally (add absorbing shield + resistance shield) and I throw to enemies Candy Tree to making Candy Explose dealing massive damage if its hit by Aoe dmg. Karna can help me with that. Than I can suck lifesteal I make lifesteal to explose candy. My ultimate big candy meteor. 4. Which equipment you prefer ? Absolutly best option is Sebastians Shield. 5. Last question. Do you like be alone or with another supporter ? I like all heroes I want them all give a candy. I dont want to be alone. You can put me with Sebastian or others supporters.

1. Hello Murphy, I am glad that you have some time for me. How are you ? Hi, people of Earth. I am talking from the bottom of Ocean. I am training the new skin of me and skills. 2. Are you feel that you need awakening ? I am strong but some new Ocean power will be great. I can image that some big water wave can lowered enemys armor or some Salt Rain dance with damage. 3. People are thinking that Muse is better than you, do you want to tell him something ? Ha ha ha, of course I am better. She get some new skills but I can buff my ally with power of Ocean, heal him with bounce and attack. 4. Which is your best team lineup ? I like all heroes all team all places (arena, dungeon etc...). I can support tanks like Spartacus to deal more damage or Mira. When enemy want to cast ultimate I smash her with my Raging Sea. 5. Last question. Which equipment you prefer ? For longer survive I prefer Soul Armor. For maximize my healing skills I use Holy Grail. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Possible new hero: Kong Ming

Hi players I got same news about new (VIP) hero.

Hero name: Kong Ming
Hero description: Back row Support. Magic basic attack. Can send the enemy into his team's formation.
  • Ming Power - Summons 3 magic spells that deal damage to whichever enemy they hit.
  • Green Dragon - Summons a dragon to fight alongside Kong Ming. The dragon casts taunts at the enemy under cover of heavy armor, but also takes extra AoE damage.
  • Ming Portal - Summons a magic portal, rendering the enemy motionless. If the portal is not broken while in effect, the enemy will teleport in front of Kong Ming.
  • Master Plan - Kong Ming periodically casts a spell on an enemy, dealing extra dmg and a 1s stun if the enemy takes AoE magic dmg while under the spell.

Snakes look amazing. Weird face. Skills - OP (overpowered)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New update 23.may.16

New update is comming. Thanks to test servers players here I got log with changes. Update will be realise on Monday 23.may.16

My opinion - no new hero, no new awakening, just nerf playable characters. Many players would hate this update. After 1 year log price nothing good for players :\ I am ok cause I dont want to climb to the top (arena) but I can feel their dissatisfaction.

Little information about new update (16.5.16)

Hi guys,

I wanna tell you that UPGRADE JOLIE ! :)
with new update i think she will become amazing ! check screens :)
New Muse as a new big life support.
Aurai get her attack speed back ! Crystal Dungeon will be EASIER with these heroes :)

Thanks for attention and check my channel :)