Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Maybe in new update

Hero Change Plans,
Greetings Heroes,
Recently we've received lots of feedback from players about hero changes, and based on this feedback, we are considering making some tweaks in coming updates. Below are our thoughts at present. If you aren't happy with something, leave us a message and we will revise our update plans accordingly!

1. Two New Awakened Heroes: We know players have been waiting for new Awakened heroes, so we plan to awaken Uther and Murphy!
2. Role Change for Bibo: In Crusade, Mira and Bibo have always had kind of redundant roles. In a previous update, we changed Mira to make her more of a pure single-target attacker. Now we're changing Bibo's single-target skills and turning him into a hero capable of mass AoE damage.
3. Enlarging Lorya's Attack Range: As Lorya's main offensive skill, the attack range of Tornado Strike is a little too small, so we're thinking of enlarging it.

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