Preface: Thanks to everyone for your astute suggestions in response to our hero discussion post. After going through all of your criticisms and suggestions, we made some changes to the following heroes:

Hero Changes:
1. New Awakened Hero: Murphy
Awaken Skill: Spirit Snake - Summons 2 guards when Viper Gaze is cast. One guard makes one teammate's basic attacks poisonous. The other heals a hero who took physical damage and gives that hero physical damage immunity for 4s.
2. Bibo: Skill Revisions
a) Bibo Bullet – Changed to hit all enemies in a straight line.
b) Mystic Leap changed to Bibo Barrage - Jumps to another position and shoots out 3 projectiles.
c) Bibo Recharge – For 7 seconds after casting Mystic Leap, increases his own physical and magic damage.
3. Baggins:
Slingshot – In addition to the blinding effect, also lowers the targets attack damage for 4 seconds after being hit.
4. Pandarus:
Bullseye – Increases his own basic attack damage.
5. Lorya:
Tornado Strike – Enlarged the area of effect and adjusted the animation special effects accordingly.
6. Monk Sun:
King Kong Defense - Changed so that it increases his max health limit.
7. Kaiser:
Kaiser’s Favor – Removed attack speed buff and changed it to restoring teammates’ health and raising his own dodge rate.

Update Content:
1. Expanded the right side of the game’s home screen and moved War Guardian and Dragon Prayer further right.
2. Redrew runes and improved the special effects of the rune interface.
3. Chat Group Improvements:
a) The creator of a group can kick people from the group.
b) The group’s name can only be changed by the creator.
c) Improved the current member list.
d) Battle records and name cards can be shared in chat groups.
e) Adjusted the size of area needed to be tapped when selecting members to improve accuracy.
4. Added translation function to Alliance announcements.
5. Improved the appearance of the keyboard.
6. Greatly increased damage sustained to the City Wall for players who have not logged in for a long time.
7. Added a solo monster attack quest in the early game.
8. Added two new War Guardian stages.
9. Slightly increased marching speed in the Mystery Land.

1. Improved the server merger announcement content.
2. Fixed a problem with the game not pausing when a call is received in the middle of a battle.
3. Added an “add to Favorites” button to the World Map.
4. Fixed a problem in Throne Wars with a Vagrant’s marching speed buff not taking effect.
5. Improved Quest indicator system.