Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Update - (27.06.16)

Hero Changes:
1. Yuan:Yuan is supposed to be a hero with strong attack and defense, but in the current version his skills have performed a little under par. So, we made some tweaks to some of his skills and slightly improved his appearance while we were at it.a) Nunchuck Chuck: Changed to Globetrotter - Retreats temporarily, only to appear behind the enemy after circling the globe. Deals physical damage to the enemy and knocks airborne, while also lowering enemy attack speed 35%.b) Bronze Shield - Whirls his nunchucks and rushes to the side of the teammate with the lowest HP, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way.c) Bronze Shield: Changed to Gale Fist - His agility and quickness allows him to increase attack speed.
2. York:Bazooka: Changed to Combo Bomb – Fires a succession of explosive rounds at random different targets, exploding on impact and dealing AoE damage.
3. Kaiser:Kaiser’s Fury: Changed to – Strikes the ground forcefully, causing a blast wave that deals damage and knocks back surrounding enemies.
4. Robin:Improved the effect of the charm skill in Tower Defense. Now charmed enemies in Tower Defense will stop marching and start helping to defend the road.
5. Pandarus:Bullseye: Increased damage
6. Sebastian: In the last update we buffed his resurrection ability, but testing shows that this causes him to repeatedly resurrect multiple heroes, drastically dragging out battles, so we’ve made further adjustments.Revive Spell: Now there can be at most 1 resurrected hero on the battlefield for one team at a time.
7. Edwin: We slightly increased the damage dealt by Magic Hold to increase the impact Edwin has when teamed up with heroes with knockup skills.
8. Diaochan: Made her soulstones available in Campaign stages, Wishing Pool, and VIP Shop (unlocks at VIP3).
9. The awakened appearances and skills of unawakened heroes can now be previewed in the Awaken page. Also, actively cast awaken skills can be viewed normally.

Update Content:
1. New regularly occurring event – Shadow Essence War (only released in test servers)a) Coming to servers that have been open for over 30 days.b) Event Times: Every Wednesday and Sunday, 05:00, 11:00, 18:00 (server time)c) A large number of Shadow Mines will appear in the Mystery Land in the center of the map. These mines can be mined together with an ally. When mining with a partner, both miners will get a boost in rewards.d) Only players in alliances can mine Shadow Mines.e) On each event day, every player has 2 chances to steal a mine that another player is currently mining.f) These mines are not affected by VIP level or Mega Mine buffs.g) Each mine contains a limited amount of resources.
2. Hero Brawl initial hero requirement changes:a) Hero Brawl unlocks at Lv 50, and lineups can hold 12/15/18 heroes at Lv 50/58/65 respectively.b) Players who have already unlocked Hero Brawl will all start to follow the new rules. Please remember to adjust your lineups accordingly.
3. Added push notification when scouted by another player.

1. Improved quests for early-game World Map.
2. After a rally is initiated, notifications received by other players will be more noticeable.
3. Improved editing castle defense lineup so that players can see if heroes are already in another lineup.
4. After Troop Lv 35, players can choose to randomly relocate to the Neutral Zone.

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