Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Upcomming Update ! Released on Monday 28.nov.16

Hero Changes


Blue Skill – Wing of Fury: Deals damage to enemy target based on the target’s ability power, and targets the enemy with the highest ability power by default. If the target’s ability power is higher than Lorya by 50% or more, then Lorya will get an anti-mage shield effect: the shield will absorb damage, and while the shield lasts Lorya's armor and magic resist will increase.
This change on one hand allows Lorya to be more durable with the help of the shield, but on the other hand, since Lorya naturally has high magic resist and low armor, physical-based teams will have an easier time breaking her defenses and being an effective counter against her.

Green Skill - Candy Twist: Increased shield amount and duration.
Blue Skill – Bitter Taste: Added a passive effect: Teammates with Candy Twist shields will deal a Bitter Taste effect to enemies with their basic attacks.
Purple (Passive) – Candy Tree: Added an initial damage when Candy Trees are detonated.
Blue Skill – Dancing Ray: Slightly enlarged the range of the projectile as it bounces around looking for teammates.
Slightly enlarged area of effect for damage and buff effect provided.
Adjusted Aurora's Talent.

Fixed bug possibly allowing enemies to do lifesteal when Paganini puts them to sleep and deals Nightmare damage.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Legendary Heroes Awakening Explained

As more Legendary heroes get awakened, more and more players have been asking how to complete the 2nd stage of the Legendary Awakening Quest, so we’ve summarized the steps here in the hopes that you can awaken your favorite Legendary heroes as quickly as possible!

2nd Stage Awakening:
In the 2nd stage, the Awakening material isn’t gotten any more from just sweeping stages. When you first see that you need 1000 fragments, you’ll probably feel a little shocked, but don’t panic! Tap to enter and see how to get fragments for stage two.

Thursday, November 17, 2016 New Update Incoming! Released on Monday 21.nov.16 New Update Incoming! / 更新公告

Hero Changes:

1. Hero Awakening:
Awaken Skill – Traceless: Increases his Dodge ability. When an attack is successfully dodged, he will make a rapid counter attack, dealing physical damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him.
Legendary Hero Awakening Quests have 3 parts to them, slightly different from ordinary Awakenings.

2. Hero Awakening:
Awaken Skill – Pumpkin Feast: When his ultimate is cast, 3 exploding pumpkins will be summoned. These pumpkins deal magic damage to enemies and provide a magic lifesteal effect for Thanos.
Legendary Hero Awakening Quests have 3 parts to them, slightly different from ordinary Awakenings.

Aurora Guide

1. Hero Role
Aurora is a mid-row, buff-giving support. Her passive skill provides her allies with a massive boost in attack speed and physical lifesteal, and this effect can stack, so how best to take advantage of this ability is the key to unlocking Aurora’s full potential.
Aurora’s basic attack and skills are all magic damage-based, so her passive’s physical lifesteal buff is only of use to her teammates. Her ultimate “Dawn Ritual” also needs to be used strategically. If she casts it facing the back row, then it wastes its damage-dealing beam of light, so it still best to face forward and cast it so that she can damage enemies and buff your tanks at the same time. Her green skill “Solar Flare” can also stack a buff on the tanks, and if her blue skill “Dancing Ray” can bounce between your team’s tanks, then the added damage it packs will be used to full effect.
To sum up, Aurora is best used with physical-based, melee heroes such as Spar and Saizo.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Upcomming Update - Released on Monday 14.nov.16

1. Hero's Awakening:


Awakening Ability - Increases basic attack life stealing, and after using your ultimate Blade Strike, it awakens your dual blade bluff skills, increasing your basic attack and Blade Runner ability.
Legendary awakening quests have 3 stages, and are slightly different from those of other heroes.

2. Lorya
Blue Skill Revision - Fury Wing: Selects the enemy with the highest skill power and deals damage based on the enemy team's power of ability. If the enemy team's skill power is 50% higher than Lorya's, then she gains a temporary buff of armor and magical endurance.
Skill Order Adjustment: Fury Wing will be released before the Tornado Strike.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Upcomming Update ! Released on Monday 11/6/2016

Update 79 11/6/2016

Hero Changes
1. Emily
Ultimate - Energy Core: Raised the rate and amount of damage dealt by the burning caused to surrounding enemies by the summoned mechanical monster.
After Awakening, Emily underwent a bit of self-improvement to maintain her position as a core summoner-type hero, so her ultimate was buffed.

2. Rams
Blue Skill – Evil Offering: Increased damage of exploding scarabs.
Slightly increased casting speed for basic attack and skills.

3. Malachi
Added to the “Good Buddy” group.