Saturday, January 28, 2017

Best Return on Investment on a daily basis? Tips

Have a discussion about the best ways to spend those hard earned ($$$) diamonds.
What gets you the most bang for your buck? There a lot of guides but since there are many new game mode additions I thought it worth bringing up again as a discussion.
Most know that daily spending for stamina is a must, the two rounds for 50, the alliance builds and if you can afford it the other refills for 100. Beyond this how do you prioritize spending after level 60 (mid game) and 80+ (late game)
Stamina is most important until you hit max level and continues as you require runes but what do you prioritize on a daily basis next, or spend on regularly?
Please share your thoughts and habits.

Friday, January 27, 2017

New Upcomming Update - Released on 2.2.17

# Pulan
Awakened skill - Deep Freeze: When the Pulan' health drops below 10% - it freezes itself for 5 seconds, during this 5-second restored his health and energy. He is invulnerable during freezing and can not attack itself. Fires once per battle.

Heroes Changes:

#Red Hood
The first skill is now a base attack: Hood uses a gun to damage the enemy in a fan-shaped area. New first skill - Torpedo shot: Little Red Riding Hood turns black and starts to shoot torpedoes at the enemy, which is the farthest from her. Damages on the field. The second skill - Barricade: Now, first of all shoots on the back row characters.

Ultimate - "Mega-pressure" - increased range of the skill, also increased residence time in the camp with 2 seconds to 2.2 seconds. Passive Skill - "Overload" - immunity to Pitching in the air will not work when Crash imposed silence. We will continue to closely monitor the Crash battles against Edwin.

Ultimate - "Beat the soul" - the characters of which have been sucked the soul will lose even more physical and magical powers. Furthermore, damage to the soul that receives and transmits the body - does not awaken heroes from a sleep state.

New Update - New Heroes Nezha, Jasmine New Update Incoming!
Hero Changes

New Hero:
1. Nezha
Role: Front row Tank. Protects team, initiates, and counter-attacks.
Ultimate – Omnitractor: Assumes a counterstrike stance, and within the next 3 seconds, wards off one long-range attack and then teleports behind the source of the attack, dealing multiple hits of damage, also knocking airborne all surrounding enemies when Nezha teleports and reappears.
Green – Impenetrable: Waves his six limbs for 4 seconds, blocking long range projectiles for all allied tanks during that time, and also deflecting back the first projectile, after which Nezha’s attack power will increase.
Blue - Steel on Steel: When taking damage, Nezha has a 25% chance of getting a spark which can be actively used. Once all sparks are used up, he will regen health. He can store up to 4 sparks.
Passive - Battle Hardened: Each time Nezha takes damage, his armor and magic resist will increase. Stacks up to 10 times.

2. Jasmine
Role: Mid row Mage. Puts enemies to sleep and does crowd control.
Ultimate - Night Attack: Summons a targetable magic lamp & blinds all enemies with darkness. If the lamp is destroyed, the light will return, restoring sight. If it is not destroyed in time, all enemies will fall asleep.
Green - Terror Shade: Summons a shadow at the very rear of the enemy formation which will move to the nearest enemy and deal area damage upon impact and putting dmgd heroes to sleep. The size and damage of the explosion will decrease as the shadow moves.
Blue - Shadow Strike: Deals one hit of damage to all enemies. This damage will not awaken enemies from sleep.
Passive -Terror's Embrace: Every time an enemy falls asleep, attack damage and ability power will increase for all allies for a brief time. Stacks up to 5 times.

3.Hero Awakening:
Awaken Skill - Soul Nirvana: Suddenly recovers massive health & energy when health drops to 0, as well as a Backfire effect. Health will continue to drop for the next 10s, and healing effects received will be doubled.

4. Max
Now Max has grown a beard! (Slight changes made to his appearance.)

Update Content
1. Rune Drops:
a) Some purple and orange rune fragment drops have been raised in Campaign stages.
b) Added extra purple or orange rune fragment drops to stages of all difficulties for Ch. 12-16.
c) Lowered the required level for some Orange runes one level.

2. Added a privileges system to the Proving Grounds which will greatly increase the amount of rune/gold/exp drops from Trials.
a) Unlocks at Troop Lv 80.
b) Players permanently upgrade their privileges as they reach certain goals.
c) The higher one’s privilege level, the more bonus rewards there will be.
d) Current privilege goals: reach a certain number of Orange or Orange +2 heroes.

3. Removed the VIP restriction on Crystal Dungeon torches. Now players at VIP 6 and under can use torches to sweep the dungeon.

4. Added a “Quick Claim” button to the Mailbox. Players at Troop Lv 40 or above can claim all the items from all their messages with one tap of a button.

5. Added a Hero Level gift box to Alliance gifts to replace the Rune gift box.

1. Improved UI display and text color for the auto-pray function.

2. At the end of Kingdom War, alliances with 0 medals will be ranked according to active/inactive actions.

3. Subterra related improvements:
a) Added a “time to closing” countdown.
b) Added an Alliance Chat feature.
c) Invite notices can be seen in the Subterra main page and main hall.
d) Invite notifications from other players will be turned off by default now. You can set it to “On” in the Settings -> Notifications menu under “Subterra Request”.
e) Improved the reward page in Subterra.

4. Improved descriptions for Captain Skills (Aura-type Captain skills cease when the captain dies/permanent skills do not stop working after the captain dies.)

5. Discount Coupon Event improvement: When left in the event interface, previous coupon selection status will be remembered automatically. If the player leaves the event interface, the status will be reset.

Update - York, Pearl buffs; various adjustments

Hero Adjustments
Lilith's Blood Curse greatly increased the amount of treatment.This time Lilith can become a real vampire.
Awakening Skill: Traceless: Attack damage, attack strength conversion rate increased and in the Stun, Silence, Imprisoned state can still be launched.
Station adjustment, Now Lorya in the main tanks stance.
Passive: Extreme fire: Team basic attack has been increased.
Ultimate: Shark Swarm: The collision radius of each shark to enhance the scope of a large move raised.
Skill 1: Dark Tide: Skill Description Optimize, attack all enemy units in the back, if there is no back row to attack all the rows, and so on (skills logic unchanged).
Passive: Ocean Power: Team basic attack increased.
Soul stone will drop in Stages now
Skills 1: Flamethrower: Skill damage increased, the skill damage will be equally shared by enemy units.
Skill 2: Tear Gas: The skills will give priority to the enemy at the back of the hero.
Awakening Skills: Single Power: Single dog hero to increase the attack power.
Skill 1: Rock Armor: Shield absorb damage increased.
Fixed a bug. The bug cause Jacob's Ultimate still may be interrupted by control skills.
Ultimate: Remade the animation of Blade Strike, now more clearly distinguish between normal Saizo and Blade Strike Saizo
Added levels, shops, black market and other output channels, available in the soul of the exchange.ros.

Dragon Prayer Event Tips

This post is to spell out just how good this event can be (especially mid vip players). This is probably already common knowledge for high vips, but I thought I'd share my findings for those who may be missing out. Best deal? I don't know, it's up there. It can be debated that spending 100 diamonds for 0 power is a bad deal. But eventually, if you are serious about powering up, you need to pray. Pray hard. To the dragon. I am going to spell out how to exactly get the full 1050 points during the Dragon Prayer event by only spending 2500 diamonds.
We recently finished a prayer event. Only about 10 people got the full amount of prayer points on the whole server. Thus, if you get the full points each time, you will raise to the top.
For background, I am a vip 7, on a middle age server (355 Smoke - definitely not one of the strongest, by any means, from what I read), lvl 82, usually top 20 in arena. I guess those last two parts aren't too important.
For this technique to be successful, however, you must invest more in a prior Dragon Prayer event, enough to get the full 1050 points, gaining you 240 points worth of prayer points. This will likely cost you in the vicinity of 5500 diamonds.

Update - 4xAWAKENING

Hero Awakening:
1.LUKE Awakening
Skills:Firework Shoot:During Torpedo Barrage, shell (AOE damage) random enemies, and lower the healing effect. Shell 5 enemies max.Luke’s attack rang slightly increased.
2.SUE Awakening
Skills:Piercing shot:when damage to low energy gaining enemies, Sue will deal extra armor penetration and the attack can not be evaded
3.ZOE Awakening
Skills:Magnet Cell:The target hit by Power Field will be Stunned for a short time and take additional damage
4.MUSE Awakening
Skills: Gloriously Radiant:Teammates who affected by Galactic Blast Healing Star will get recieve a healing effect for 4 seconds.

Hero Balanced:
Passive:Extreme Hold:Increase Ability Power.Skill 2:Magic Hold:increase the holding time, enemies will be holding longer in air(Including the Magic hold triggered by passive skills)

Free Awakening with normal SS farming

Its there a place to check the stages where you get essences for every awaken quest?
Lets put an example. Lets say im farming Merlynn SS, and I can do the Jacob Awakening quest even when I dont use him frequently or have him underleveled, wouldnt be smart to activate jacob awakening as you get the essences in the same stage you get Merlynn SS? that would be a free awakening even if you dont use him (Runes apart).
You can have been farming SS that would have give you awakening essences and you didnt know. Would be great if someone can share a place to check all Awakenings specific stages or if such place didnt exist, you can share with us a specific one you are doing right know.

Update - New hero: Max, Coco's awakening

Hero Changes

New Hero: Max
Hero role: Mid Row Marksman, reduce enemy team damage
How to get: Daily sign in reward.
Ultimate: Pong! Pong! Pong! - Launch Max's special bombs will bounce at ground three times, each bounce will cause physical damage within the sight of the enemy.
Blue Skill 1: Force Field: When you activate the Force Field skill, the friendly side of the row can not be selected as the target. Force Field also decrease enemies' AoE damages.
Skill 2: Old Joe's Gift: Inflicts three physical damage to a single enemy, if the target is within the force field, target will be knocked off.
Passive: War Boy: Increase the physical attack damage of the team.

Hero Awakening: Coco
Awakening Skills: Lurking in the battlefield before battle starts, sudden damage to the surrounding enemies, reduce their armor and block their dodge.

Rune Core System TIPS

There are 5 rune cores per hero. The first one is unlocked for all heros. Unlocking more rune cores requires 4 different crystals. The crystals come from blessing your troops for sky city boss fight or achieving milestone damage amounts for each boss. The milestone damages needed are quite high. The most likely source of crystals will be from blessing troops because both gold and diamond blessing yield crystals.

Upgrading each rune core requires runes, gold, and sky city items. Grey runes will be most likely used because everyone has an abundance of grey runes. The bottle neck is sky city items. You can get them from sky city shop or other markets. Sky city items costs sky city rewards from boss fights, but you can buy them for gems from the other markets.
Your rune cores begin at low quality. When you unlock 3 rune cores and upgrade them to +3, you can advance all runes to mid quality (for that hero) for free. The next tier requires 4 rune cores at +6. If that trend continues (I will find out tonight), the next tier will require 5 rune cores at +9. Advancing the quality of rune cores increase the stat bonuses. Each rune core has 4 stats. Those stats are different for each rune core and each hero. It seems every stat is available in the rune core system (e.g., ap, ad, health, mr, ar, dodge, hit, crit, ar pen, magic pen).

Update - Troop level 95, Awakened Jolie, New game mode - Sky City

Hero changes

Hero Awakening: Jolie
Awakening skill: Total Clearance: Passively increases attack range; strengthening last hit of Combo Shot, the last hit will catapult between the enemies and cause additional physical damage.
Slight larger Murphy's Ultimate skill range.

Update Content
-Max troop level increased to 95.
-Max Hero level : skill level increased to 95.
-New advance: Orange +4 and Orange +5.
-New Campaign chapter 16 and 17.
-Proving Grounds adding 2 Difficulty.
-2 more Difficulty for Subterra.
-Tech level in Academy increased to Lv 95.
-Lv 90 players will receive a special letter later, and Lv90 players will get certain amount of diamonds (based on player's active days after the day player reached Lv90.) and Jade Palace Castle.
-Lv 90 players will get a King's Avatar.
The required Exp of 89 and 90 have been lowered, your total acquired Exp amount will not be affected.

Update - New hero: Noel & Snow, Christmas themed city

Hero Changes

New Hero: Noel & Snow
Role: Christmas Theme Hero, Front row Tank & mid row Mage team, Snow and Noel. Disturb enemies’ lineup by using magnetic force.
Ultimate: Bouncing Twins: Noel & Snow move to the target direction simultaneously, and bounce between walls. Noel deals ability damage to those on their path, and exert N Pole mark. Snow deals attack damage to those on the path.
Green: Magnetic Strike: Noel throw 3 magnets N Pole at back row enemies, deal magic damage and put N Pole mark to the target. If the target have already been marked with N Pole, the target will be stunned. Snow jump to the nearest enemy and deal physical damage. Snow’s attack will put S Pole mark to the target.
Blue: Poles Repel: Noel shoots out a North Pole Beam, deal magic damage to enemies, and knock back the enemies. Snow ran to Noel, and cause physical harm to enemies on the way.
Passive: Poles Attraction: Increase ability power and Noel&Snow's life, armor, magic resistance. when the enemy with a N Polar mark have a stun effect, the enemy will be drawn towards S Polar marked target When you get Noel&Snow, you could also get Hero Avatar along with Limited theme Name Card Frame.

Subterra Tips

First of all: you don't need power of 200k although that helps. but the right tactic and troop composition is the key to winning.

scylla: INFO: Scylla has a small amount of health, but only takes 1 damage maximum per hit. So you want heros that can do alot of hits in a small amount of time. Wait for scylla to be vulnerable for the 2nd time so all heroes can ulti. york, sue, diachon, jacob, coco, charon, lil red, pear,jolie. This usually occurs around the 55 second mark, 20 second for the next chance. Yet to be determined, I’ve been hearing from alot of others that A. Pandarus, Luke and candy prevent her from healing, with their skills. I only do tier 8 bosses, and I haven’t been able to get it to happen for me yet. More comments claiming its true however.

delphos: you need summoners to distribute dmg and keep your heroes alive. healing and life steal are disabled. rams, kong ming, medea, emily, merelyn, malachi and probably a tank. I’ve found Ariel also helps since shields are not disabled. It also appears that hero’s cannot be healed.
@Rarelyuseful: for this tip: Gerber does well because of his damage reflect. Also Lorya since the damage he does is AP.

crabbie: heroes with continuous dmg and a healer (muse is enough). other dmg is also possible but very much decreased. destroy the boxes that give magic immunity before he ultis. lufia, spar, mira, medea, salman, luke, baggins, smoke, theresa, Gerber. I beat lvl 8 with only 160k power and several only purple and not fully skilled heroes.