Friday, January 27, 2017

Update - Troop level 95, Awakened Jolie, New game mode - Sky City

Hero changes

Hero Awakening: Jolie
Awakening skill: Total Clearance: Passively increases attack range; strengthening last hit of Combo Shot, the last hit will catapult between the enemies and cause additional physical damage.
Slight larger Murphy's Ultimate skill range.

Update Content
-Max troop level increased to 95.
-Max Hero level : skill level increased to 95.
-New advance: Orange +4 and Orange +5.
-New Campaign chapter 16 and 17.
-Proving Grounds adding 2 Difficulty.
-2 more Difficulty for Subterra.
-Tech level in Academy increased to Lv 95.
-Lv 90 players will receive a special letter later, and Lv90 players will get certain amount of diamonds (based on player's active days after the day player reached Lv90.) and Jade Palace Castle.
-Lv 90 players will get a King's Avatar.
The required Exp of 89 and 90 have been lowered, your total acquired Exp amount will not be affected.

Sky City
Sky City will be unlocked once there is a player reached level 90 in the server. Then players higher than Lv80 could join the challenge of Sky City.
Challenge of Sky City will be opened on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There will be 3 unique Boss in Sky City and each day a different Boss will wait player to challenge.
Deal as much damage as you could for the boss, reward will be send based on player's damage rank.
Player may get massive Sky Coins in Sky City, and Sky Coins can be used to exchange necessary Rune Core materials.

Rune Core
Rune Core system will be unlocked at troop level 90, Heroes at Orange and up can unlock Rune Cores and Rune Core Enhancing function.
Each Hero have 5 different Rune Core to be unlocked & enhanced.
Each Rune Core may get one of the four natural elements during the Rune Core enhancing. If different Rune Core get same type of element, then the hero will have an Element Resonance status. And hero will get extra attributes (more same elements hero have, more extra attributes here can get).
Enhancement materials including runes, golds and element materials.
During the enhancement, player can unlock rune core achievements, player can get massive achievement reward like discount chance and resources.

Kingdom Wars
Add an illustration for Kingdom Wars, players could access the illustration via help section.

Slightly lowered Scylla's health in higher difficulty.

-Login Page
-Update the login page.
-Gold Wish
-Unlock x50 gold Draw after troop Lv70.

-Optimized the treasure box number showing inaccurate issue in Abyss Treasure.
-Increased using speed of Exp bottle.
-Fixed a showing error in flower sending log.

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