Beast Soul Introduction

Gameplay Highlights
-Heroes can mount soul components from different Beasts. Each components boosts a hero’s attributes. Each hero can mount up to 4 components.
-Each Beast has a set of 4 components. Mounting multiple components from the same Beast will activate a Beast Skill. Each Beast has multiple skills.
-Each set of components has its own role and boosts particular hero attributes, opening up lots of new possibilities for players to combine heroes.
System Details

How to Unlock
The Beast Soul system unlocks at Troop Lv 65.
Heroes at Lv 55 or higher can mount soul components.

Beast Soul Interface
Main Page:
1. On the right is Hero Selection.
2. On the left is Soul Component Selection.
3. The upper middle is a display of Beast Souls mounted for the hero selected.
4. The lower middle is a display of information for the selected soul component.
Choose a soul component from your Beast Soul bag to mount it to one of your hero’s soul component slots.
In update 81.0 a Beast Soul Storage function will be released. The button in the lower left corner will change from “Get” to “Storage”, and players can tap on this to enter their Storage and view all of their Beast Soul components.

Mounting and Binding Beast Souls
When a soul component is mounted to a hero, it will also be bound to that hero.
When a beast soul is unmounted from a hero, it will not also be unbound.
If a player wants to use a soul component with another hero, the player will be prompted to first unbind the component from the original hero. Unbinding will only appear in this situation.
Multiple soul components can be bound to one slot for the same hero.

Soul Refining

Soul Refining Effect: Raises a component’s attributes.
Refining Costs: Soul Crystals & Gold
About “Quick Refine”: When a player has enough material, he or she can tap on the “Quick Refine” button to refine a component all the way to the level where evolution can take place. For example, a soul component at +3 will be refined to +10 when “Quick Refine” is used. If a player does not have enough material, then using Quick Refine will just refine the component to the highest level possible.
Max level for Blue/Purple/Orange components are 20/30/40 respectively.

Soul Evolution
Soul Evolution has the following functions: raises soul component attributes, raises max refining level, unlocks Beast Skills 2 and 3, and raises Beast Skill level.
Components can be evolved at every 10th refining level. Each evolution adds +10 to the max refining level.
Evolving soul components unlocks the component’s max refining level.
Blue/Purple/Orange components can be evolved up to 1/2/3 times respectively.

Beast Skill Rules
Activating Beast Skill: Gather two soul components to activate the 1st skill. Gather 3 components and evolve them once to activate the 2nd kill. Gather 4 components and evolve them once to activate the 3rd skill.
Beast Skill level is determined by the number of evolutions of a component: The 1st skill’s level = number of evolutions of 2nd most-evolved component +1; 2nd skill’s level = number of evolutions of 3rd most-evolved component +1; 3rd skill’s level = number of evolutions of 4th most-evolved component +1.
Blue and Purple components can only activate low-level skills.

Complete Rules
1. Beast Soul Protection unlocks at Troop Lv 65 when the player has a tank at Lv 55. Heroes at Lv 55 and above can mount Beast Souls, boosting hero attributes and providing the hero with a Beast Skill.
2. Beast Skills can only be gotten by mounting multiple components of the same Beast Soul.
3. Soul components come in Blue, Purple, and Orange quality levels.
4. Collect 2 Soul Components to activate the 1st Beast Skill. Collect 3 Soul Components and evolve once to activate the 2nd Beast Skill. Collect 4 Soul Components and evolve once to activate the 3rd Beast Skill.
5. Soul Refining and Evolution can increase Soul Component attributes. Evolution can raise Beast Skill level.
6. Refining is restricted by evolution. Each evolution gives a player 10 chances to do soul refining for the soul component.
7. Blue/Purple/Orange equipment can be evolved 1/2/3 times respectively, and their max levels are Lv 20/30/40.
8. Blue and Purple soul components can only activate low-level Beast Skills. Orange soul components can activate high-level Beast Skills.
9. Skill level is connected to the number of times soul components have evolved. When the multiple components necessary to activate a skill have all evolved once, the skill will level up one level.
10. Each hero can choose multiple different Beast Soul components to mount with.
11. When mounting a component to a hero the first time, the component must first be bound to the hero. After that, the component must be unbound before it can be mounted to another hero.
12. When a set of 4 orange components are all upgraded to max level, all 3 Beast Skills will go up one more level.

About Beast Souls

Frostfire Dragon
-Beast Soul Role: Half-DPS/Half Tank. The lower one’s HP is, the higher the damage one can deal. It will also reduce unfavorable effects received when in low-HP Rage mode and greatly enhance melee heroes’ ability to deal last hits.
-Beast Skills:
1. Dragon Ward: Increases hero's HP and attack damage.
2. Blood Dragon: Increases hero's attack damage and ability power. The lower HP gets, the more these stats increase.
3. Dragon Seal: Reduces duration of negative effects when HP drops below 40%.

Giant Behemoth
-Beast Soul Role: Pure Tank. This soul set provides damage reduction and shields to make your tanks as tough as steel.
-Beast Skills:
1. Behemoth Ward: Increases hero's HP, armor, and magic resist.
2. Behemoth Skin: When HP drops below 80%, all damage received for a certain amount of time will be reduced 10%.
3. Steel Behemoth: A shield will be produced after receiving damage 3 times.

Immortal Phoenix
-Role: Mage DPS type. This set can greatly increase the amount of magic damage your hero can deal, turning your hero into a one-man mage army. The huge parting shot your hero will deal when about to die can help your team and turn the battle around.

-Beast Skills:
1. Phoenix Ward: Increases hero's ability power and crit strike rate.
2. Phoenix Rise: Increases damage of the next attacking skill after a basic attack.
3. Phoenix Flame: When HP drops below 30%, "Phoenix Flame" will be cast, dealing damage to a straight line of enemies.

Holy Unicorn
-Role: Healer. Extreme healing to greatly increase the durability of heroes healed. This set is also suited for heroes that have self-healing skills.
-Beast Skills:
1. Unicorn Ward: Increases hero's HP and energy boost.
2. Unicorn Touch: There's a chance that healing will be turbo-charged, raising the amount of healing gained from a single heal.
3. Unicorn Shield: Increases armor and magic resist for a certain amount of time for a target of healing. Up to 3 targets.

Soul’s Nightmare
-Role: Mage Support. This set of components can enhance any good/bad spells and status that a hero casts to make the hero a better Support.
-Beast Skills:
1. Nightmare Ward: Increases hero's HP and ability power.
2. Nightmare Haunt: Lowers chance of getting hit by crit strike for targets of positive effects. Increases damage received for targets of negative effects cast by the hero.
3. Nightmare Mark: Puts a mark on a random enemy every so often. Attacks on this target will lower the target's AD and AP. Stacks up to 3x.

Fierce Griffon
-Role: Physical DPS type. This set gives extreme attack capabilities to Marksmen heroes, turning them into physical-damage machines. The more they hit, the harder they hit.
-Beast Skills:
1. Griffon Ward: Increases hero's attack damage and crit strike rate.
2. Flying Griffon: Increases damage conversion factor for basic attack. Conversion rate goes up 5% per level. When conversion rate goes up, the amount of actual damage dealt by a single hit also increases.
3. Thunder Griffon: Damage received will increase one's AD. Stacks up to 5x.

Underworld Hyrda
-Role: Steady Attack/Double Attack Hero type. This set can reduce the effect of disabling skills that a hero receives, allowing heroes keep a steady output of attacks and crit strikes.
-Beast Skills:
1. Hydra Ward: Increase hero's attack damage, ability power, and crit strike damage.
2. Dauntless Hydra: Lowers damage received in negative state 20%
3. Hydra Will: Increases crit strike rate and crit strike damage for skill damage.

System Plot Overview
System Name: Soul Warding
Plot Summary: In ancient times, the Magic Rush continent was home to many Beasts guarding over its various parts. In the Final War, they used the source of their life force to seal away the evil that was threatening the land. Although the beasts are no more, their spirits which represent the source of their powers have survived through the ages, spread throughout the world. Instilling the spirits of these beasts into our heroes will allow the heroes to call upon the power of the beasts.

7 Great Beasts:
Frostfire Dragon: Phaestus is a golden dragon living in the northern glaciers of the continent. He loves objects that shine and glimmer like his scales, and his home is filled with untold treasure. But, since his lair sits at the opening of a volcano in the middle of an uninhabited dead zone, no man has ever been there and lived to tell the tale.
As warriors of the dragon clan, Frostfire dragons have the mightiest bodies, and when in battle, their dragon blood provides them with endless power.

Giant Behemoth: The Behemoth is said to be a child of Mother Earth, believed to now take the form of a giant rock in the center of the earth. He has a stout frame, with a body like steel, but also a calm temperament. His sturdy skin is like a shield from the gods themselves, making it next to impossible to harm him. As the stoutest of the beasts, the Behemoth was the personal guardian and favorite sparring partner of the young god-emperor.

Immortal Phoenix: In the age of gods, to the east of the Magic Rush continent there lived a pair phoenixes who were in love. These divine birds possessed innate magic, able to soar through the heavens on wings of fire or eradicate evil with weapons of fire.
Then one day, during a conflict among the gods, the male phoenix was tricked and betrayed the gods, for which he was cast out of their heavenly court to perish. The female phoenix was grief-stricken, and she implored the gods to resurrect her lover. In the end, the capricious gods decided to give them a punishment disguised as a blessing: to turn the female phoenix’s divine powers into the power of immortality, and then for the two phoenixes to take turns living and dying and being reborn.
So, from their birth, each phoenix devotes its energy to stoking the fire of immortality and hastening its death, so that its counterpart can be reborn sooner. This is why a phoenix’s body will always bear signs of scorching flames upon it, and why you should keep your distance from one even if it takes a liking to you. You would not be able to withstand the heat.

Holy Unicorn: A pet of the Lord of Light, the unicorn is a snow-white winged horse. Due to its kind heart, it received the favor of the Lord of Light and become the Lord’s emissary. In several cleansing rituals, the unicorn also assisted the goddess of pure maidens, and under the goddess’s guidance, the unicorn was initiated deeper into the mysteries of the Light, thereby causing a holy horn to sprout from its head and bathing its whole body in holy light.

Soul’s Nightmare: The Nightmare was also once a holy winged horse, serving the gods by cleansing battlefields of fallen souls. This prolonged experience with cleansing allowed him to study souls with increasing depth, and his eyes were opened to the gods’ true purpose for cleansing souls: to confine them and to absorb their faith. After this realization, Nightmare was wracked with guilt and decided to save these piteous souls. Slowly, he distanced himself from the Light and began researching and using more direct Soul Magic and Dark Magic to totally free these souls. However, excessive use of Soul Magic caused his coat to burn with soulfire, and use of Dark Magic caused his body to become gloomy. His secret was finally revealed to the gods, and Nightmare was exiled to the Abyss.

Fierce Griffon: The Griffon was one of the guardian beasts of Mt Olympus, endowed with divine strength from birth and unmatched speed in the air. But once the Griffon accidentally absorbed the power of the divine weapon, Thor’s Hammer, arousing the ire of the gods and getting exiled from the mountain. Afterwards, he was found by the young god of war and became the war god’s constant companion, galloping through battlefields together.
The Griffon revels in his brute strength and crashes into battle at unrivalled high speeds. Later he also mastered Thor’s power, multiplying his destructiveness ten-fold.

Underworld Hydra: The Hydra was once of the ruler of the boundless ocean, and each of its nine heads has a different ability, giving him awesome power. Due to conflicts among his nine brains, he often rages under the ocean, causing the heavens and the earth to shake. Poseidon could no longer bear it, and joined forces with Hades to overwhelm the Hydra and drive him into the Underworld Abyss. In the underworld, the Hydra gathered all the power in his nine heads to knock a hole between the underworld and the Magic Rush continent, paving the way for his arrival. In the end, for fear of further punishment from the gods, he lies dormant in the shallows between the land and the ocean deep.