Subterra Guide

Gameplay Highlights

-Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, out of a total of 7 bosses, 4 will be selected for players to challenge.
-Each boss has his/her own unique mechanics, requiring players to use particular heroes to complete the challenge.
-If your pool of heroes is limited, you can try creating a room and waiting for another player to take the challenge together with you.
-Players can win lots of runes for completing a challenge, as well as decent amount of Beast Soul enhancement materials and even purple soul components! In addition, when two players form a team together, they will both get rewards from all 4 of the bosses.

System Introduction

-Entrance: Round portal on the right side of the main city.
-Opening Time: Server Time Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday from 5:00-7:00 & 17:00-19:00
nEach player can only receive 1 reward per day of the event.
-Team Challenge:
nTap the “Team Challenge” button on the main page to enter the team-forming main hall.
-In the Main Hall, players can create or join a room to team up with another player to complete the challenge.
-Team Challenge requires 2 players to both send 2 lineups and defeat 2 of the bosses.
-Solo Challenge
nSolo Challenge requires that the player first passes Difficulty III to unlock, so it’s still important to have friends.
nSolo Challenge requires the player to send 4 lineups to defeat all 4 bosses to pass the challenge.

TIPS !!!

Boss Basic Strategy
-Holy Uther:
Subterran Uther has very strong defense against skills that deal multiple hits of damage, so players must try to use heroes that deal big, single hits of damage to pass this challenge.
Try to cast ultimate when the Boss is summoning his little Uther minions. Defeating his minions will buff your team’s attack damage and ability power.
If you can kill the first minion before Uther summons the second one, then you’ll enter into a positive feedback loop. The buffs received from slaying his minions can stack, so the more you slay, the easier it will become. What you need to determine is how many ultimates to save up to one-hit the minions.
On the other hand, if Uther summons his second minion before you’ve dispatched the first, then we recommend you try a lower difficulty level.

-Lord Scylla
Subterran Scylla has three features:
1. It has a Tide Shield for protection, making it invulnerable except when it’s summoning minions.
2. Any damage dealt to it will be reduced to just 1 point.
3. It has pathetically low HP.
Basically, to beat Scylla, players must be able to deal as many hits of damage as possible in a small window of time, which means you need “multi-hit” skills.
When Scylla summons its minions, unleash all your ultimates on it.

-Fiery Delphos
In Subterra, Delphos will periodically summon a shower of meteors to rain down upon his enemies. Damage from this meteor shower is spread equally amongst all allied units within its area of effect, and units who take damage cannot be healed.
Aside from the meteors, Delphos’s devastating single-target damage is also as powerful as ever.
So, the strategy when dealing with him is to summon creatures. The more, the merrier to spread out the damage from his fire wall and meteor shower.

-Immortal Rams
The main thing about Subterran Rams is that he possesses off-the-charts HP. However, every time he casts a skill, it drains some of his HP.
Thus, the way to counter Delphos is to use healing to weather his damage and wait for him to do himself in.

-Rageful Rek
This Rek is no ordinary Rek. No one face-to-face with him can withstand more than 2 attacks.
So at high difficulty, don’t try to go toe-to-toe with him.
Luckily, this is the only boss in Subterra that can be knocked back.
The best way to manage him is to put in a lineup of heroes with knockback/teleport skills and keep knocking him back.
But if you choose to put in Ruby or West, you’ve gotta be real careful when you decide to cast ultimate, because if not they might end up stopping right in front of Rek.

-Calamitous Crabbie
This version of Crabbie is so armored up that no direct hits will do damage to him. But sustained damage can still pierce his armor and deal damage.
This sustained damage could be in the form of poisoning, burning, or similar effects that damage HP.
Some of Crabbie’s other characteristics are his powerful magic damage and an ultimate that targets the back row, but from time to time on the battlefield a Care Package will spawn, and destroying the care package makes allied heroes immune to magic damage temporarily. So, taking out Care Packages at the right moment can help keep your team intact.

-Grievous Grunk
Grunk will periodically summon a pool of lava, so if you don’t have heroes from the “I Can Fly” group in your lineup, then your whole team’s gonna be burned by the lava… (how sad).
But if you’ve got “I Can Fly” heroes, then this boss is actually the easiest to beat.

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