Friday, March 3, 2017

Update Sleep mechanics changes

#Hero Changes:
1. Sleep Mechanism Changes

If a target receives multiple Sleep effects, the duration of the additional Sleep effect will be cut in half, with a minimum duration of 1s.
Sleep spells can disable opponents for a long time and give your team a numbers advantage, but if someone’s got multiple Sleep-casting heroes on their team, the resulting onslaught of Sleep spells can leave opponents feeling utterly hopeless. So, we’ve reworked the Sleep mechanism to give players a chance to fight back when facing a Sleep-heavy enemy. Conversely, heroes directly affected by this change will be buffed to a degree.
Green Skill: Lullaby – Nightmare damage increased. Sleep duration increased.
Blue Skill: Sleeping Pill - Nightmare damage increased. Sleep duration increased.
Green Skill: Terror Shade – Damage increased. Sleep duration increased.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hey everyone,
before i start, i'd like to thank Kexboi and awegust (Noi) for getting me the data i was missing. Me, im a VIP10 at Merger85 Called Hearty Jesse. Look me up if you have any questions. I will be deviding this guide in 3 parts, a FAQ for Sky city, a FAQ for Runes Cores and lastly, Math and Theory. It will not go into boss battles.

FAQ Sky City:
When does Sky City unlock?
Sky City will be unlocked once there is a player reached level 90 in the server. Then players higher than Lv80 could join the challenge of Sky City.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sky City Review

Magic Rush Heroes: Sky City Review

my teams against Magic Rush Heroes Sky City Mode.
I use bullet group team for against BIBO. For MALACHI I use some damage + summoners heroes and for Lilith mix of AD (bullet group) team, stun can help.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Update - Medea Awakening, New hero: Slash, Beast Soul Dissolving

Update - Medea Awakening, New hero: Slash, Beast Soul Dissolving

Hero Changes
Slash, March Sign-in Hero
Role: Tank. Damage reduction and HP regen.
Ultimate: Torture Mask - Places a mask in a target location which absorbs all dmg taken by allies. After 4s, the mask explodes, dealing dmg to nearby enemies & lowering their energy. If destroyed before 4s, the explosion will deal less dmg.
Green: Soul Chain - Chains his soul to the rest of his team and transfers 50% of final damage taken by him to his teammates, spread equally among them. Also reduces this damage by a certain percentage.
Blue: Dissection - Slices an enemy in front of him with his chain saw, dealing magic damage and absorbing the enemy's energy.
Blue 2: Feast - Slowly regens health for the whole team during battles.

Awakening: Awaken Skill: Hive Lord – Using Baneling Bite will summon 2 Lordling bugs. Lordling attacks will briefly silence targets. Lordlings will attack enemies that have not been silenced first.

Awaken Skill: Assassinate – Coco will not take damage when casting Assassinate. Through her rigorous training, Coco has developed nimble reflexes that make her a tough target to hit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Legend: Lucifer

Name: Lucifer

Role: Mid row physical marksman. Provides crit strikes, can change form and buff teammates.

Special Passive: While he is transformed, the battlefield will turn into Hades, and all units in Hades will receive an atk dmg boost based on their crit strike rate.

Ultimate: Shadow Eclipse - Spreads 6 wings & shoots feathers, dealing multi-hit phys dmg to up to 5 enemies.

Green: Netherwave - Deals AoE physical damage to target. After transforming, the area of effect is enlarged and also deals a stun effect.

Blue: Netherscar - Summons a Netherclaw to lash out in front of him, dealing physical damage. After transforming, the size and damage range of the claw is greatly increased.

Hades' Realm - Raises his crit dmg lvl. When an ally deals a crit strike, it raises Lucifer’s atk speed & crit strike rate by 5%. At a full 6 layers, he enters Seraphim mode, buffing armor, mag resist, skills, & adds basic atk splash dmg.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Subterra Tips

Grunk: ONLY "I can FLY" HEROES

Crabbie: Recommended: Spar, Lufia, Baggins, Luke, Medea, Salman / Tips: Mira, Diaochan, Aurai (for heal)

Rek: Recommended: Kaiser, Ruby, Zoe, Gearz, West, Russel / Tips: Rek, Pearl, Mira (for damage)

Rams: Recommended: Uther, Aurai, Murphy, Muse, Chavez, Seeley, Gerber / Tips: Jacob (lifesteal), Kaiser, Merlynn, Sebastian

Delphos: Recommended: Merlynn, Rams, Alma, Emily, Kong Ming / Tips: 2x Tank, Sebastian / AD Damage team (Sue, Mira)

Scylla: Recommended: Pearl, Sure, Jolie, L. Red, Torin, York / Tips: Aurai (for heal), Diaochan, Crabbie, Aurora, West, Murphy, Gridlock, Rek

Uther: Recommended: Bedivere, Seeley, Mira, Ruby, Deplhos, Zoe / Tips: Sue, Gearz, Rek, Gridlock