Friday, March 3, 2017

Update Sleep mechanics changes

#Hero Changes:
1. Sleep Mechanism Changes

If a target receives multiple Sleep effects, the duration of the additional Sleep effect will be cut in half, with a minimum duration of 1s.
Sleep spells can disable opponents for a long time and give your team a numbers advantage, but if someone’s got multiple Sleep-casting heroes on their team, the resulting onslaught of Sleep spells can leave opponents feeling utterly hopeless. So, we’ve reworked the Sleep mechanism to give players a chance to fight back when facing a Sleep-heavy enemy. Conversely, heroes directly affected by this change will be buffed to a degree.
Green Skill: Lullaby – Nightmare damage increased. Sleep duration increased.
Blue Skill: Sleeping Pill - Nightmare damage increased. Sleep duration increased.
Green Skill: Terror Shade – Damage increased. Sleep duration increased.

2. #Max
Green Skill: Force Field – Improved casting method. The force field will now be deployed in a position between Max and teammates.

3. #Lilith
Improved Lilith’s Blood Curse special effect to make it easier to see how many curses she has stacked.

#Update Content
1. To Do Points
a) At Lv 50 and above players can claim all their To Do chests with one tap.

1. Fixed problem with pack prices possibly not showing.
2. Improved skill demos of some Beast Soul skills.
3. In War Guardian, players can tap to skip the “next enemy wave” animation when it comes up.

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