Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halley Guide

The spookily powerful Halley is now out! Come read her hero guide!

Halley Guide

1. Hero Role
Halley is a mid row Mage with high burst damage. Her weapon is a huge scythe to go along with her Halloween-themed design, for a kind of grim reaper meets schoolgirl effect. Halley’s skills have high crit strike buffs, and she’s one of the few heroes in the game that can jump over the enemy front row and go straight at mid and back row targets, slicing through the enemy formation like a wandering spirit on All Hallow’s Eve!Halley’s passive skill makes every skill she casts summon a “Soul Scythe” to deal damage to the enemy. These scythes will fly all around the battlefield, and if you can get 5 or 6 of them out there, and then Halley casts her ultimate to increase their crit strike rate, then it can be an awesome—or terrifying—sight to behold.
Halley most fits into the role of “Mage Assassin”. Her damage output compared to other heroes puts her easily into the “S” level, but conversely, her weakness is that she stands a bit too close to the front. Even though her “Soul Rush” skill gives her temporary invincibility, she still needs her team to protect her in order to ensure she can really start firing on all cylinders offensively.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New upcomming update. Released on Monday 1.nov.16

Hero Changes:

1. Hero Awakening: Russel
Awaken Skill: Demon Oath: Forces an enemy unit into signing a Demon Oath at the start of battle. Whenever Russel takes damage, the Oath’s target will also receive a proportionate amount of damage. When the Oath’s target dies, Russel will find another target to take the Oath.

2. Pearl;
Fixed her bonus attributes obtained when advancing, changing armor to attack damage.

Update Content:

1. New System: Beast Soul Protection
a) Unlocks at Lv 65. Brave heroes can seek the protection of these ancient beasts. Collect special beast souls to activate their powerful abilities.
b) Each hero can equip 4 Soul Components. If 2 of them belong to the same Beast set, then 1 powerful skill from that set will be activated.
c) When 3 or 4 out of the 4 components belong to the same set, after they are evolved, then the 2nd and 3rd skills of that set will be activated.
d) Soul components can be obtained by completing quests, from Beast Soul Tourney, and from Dragon Scale Lucky Buy. Also, there’s a mysterious subterranean realm that will be uncovered soon where more soul components can be won.

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Upcomming Update released on Monday 24.oct.2016

Hero Changes


Ultimate changed to – Bibo Blast: Strafes enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of him with a high-powered laser, dealing magic damage.
Blue Skill – Bibo Barrage: Improved animation effects
Passive – Bibo Recharge: Added a clear special effect when buff takes effect.
Damage was raised overall, and the damage attenuation effect on his ultimate after the bullet passes through the front row was removed, so it can now do greater damage to back row targets.


Ultimate changed to – Dragon Tail: Rushes at and deals physical damage to a target, knocking enemies hit along the way airborne.
Yuan has always been the most nimble dash-style tank in the game, able to deal devastating attacks to the enemy back row, but his original ultimate’s knockback effect would sometimes kick an ailing back row enemy completely off the screen, effectively saving their life, so we decided to make the dash attack more effective while still retaining the knock back element.

New Hero: Aurora

Role: Mid row. Support. New aiming mechanism.
Ultimate - Dawn Ritual: Casts a ray of light that burns enemies. The ray will bounce when it reaches the map's edge, losing some damage with each bounce. Bounces up to 2 times.
Green - Solar Flare: Summons a ray of sunlight to hit the nearest enemy and surrounding enemies.
Blue - Dancing Ray: Casts a ray at the farthest teammate which will bounce between teammates 5 times, damaging nearby enemies with each bounce.
Passive - Sun's Blessing: Aurora's skill will increase attack speed and physical lifesteal for teammate's within its AoE.
Note: in the leaked version her basic attack was physical. It's been changed to magic on the test server.

New Hero: Halley

Role: Mid row. Mage. High Crit Strike. Halloween-themed hero. 3-star Legendary
Ultimate - Soul Reap: Makes repeated swipes at a target area, dealing magic damage to enemies & drawing out a large amount of souls. Increases attack speed & crit strike rate for Halley & all Soul Scythes present.
Green - Soul Strike: Deals magic damage to a single enemy target and sucks out a part of the target's soul, increasing her own crit strike rate for a short time.
Blue - Soul Dash: Dashes forward a bit and swings her scythe, dealing magic damage in a fan-shaped area in front of her. She then jumps back away from the battlefield. (Does not take damage while dashing forward.)
Passive - Soul Scythe: Summons a Soul Scythe each time a skill is used. These scythes will float across the battlefield, dealing damage to enemies. This skill is immune to Silences.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

[Wiklrleaks] New Game Mode: Beast Soul Protection

After a brief period of delayed updates, hot and wet Wiklrleaks are back in full force too. No new heroes leaked so far, but I got some info on a new hero feature.

New game mode: Beast Soul Protection

Similar to Dragon Prayer and Talent Boosts, Beast Soul Protection increases power of individual heroes and allows basic customization.

1. Beast Soul Protection unlocks at Troop Lv 65. Heroes with 5 pieces of equipment can receive a Beast Soul, boosting hero attributes and providing the hero with a Beast Skill.
2. Beast Skills can only be gotten by merging multiple components of the same Beast Soul.
3. Soul components come in Blue, Purple, and Orange quality levels.
4. Collecting 2/3/4 soul components will unlock the 1st/2nd/3rd Beast Skills.
5. Soul Refining and Soul Evolving will raise soul components.
6. Refining is restricted by evolution. Each evolution gives a player 10 chances to do soul refining for the soul component.
7. Blue/Purple/Orange equipment can be evolved 1/2/3 times respectively.
8. Blue and Purple soul components can only activate low-level Beast Skills. Orange soul components can activate high-level Beast Skills.
9. Skill level is connected to the number of times soul components have evolved. When the multiple components necessary to activate a skill have all evolved once, the skill will level up one level.
10. Each hero can choose different Beast Soul components to merge with.
11. You must spend diamonds to unbind components after they are bound to a hero.

You can obtain Beast Soul components from three places: Internal Kingdom Wars, Boss Tourney, and Beast Soul Arena. I'm afraid I don't have any details about those.

Thank for eleonoris from mrh reddit for information: original source

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New UPCOMMING Update - Released on Monday 17.oct.2016

Hero Changes:
1. Pulan
Green Skill: Frost Strike – Will greatly lower the dodge rate of the first enemy it strikes at the start of battle.
Passive: Shield of Pain – Increases his own armor and lowers Dodge for the whole enemy team.
As a snowman who uses frost magic and bone-chilling cold to slow down enemies, it makes sense that it should lower Dodge as well. We hope this adjustment turn Pulan into an effective counter against heroes who rely on dodging attacks to get by.
2. Thanos
Passive Reworked As – Flaming Pumpkin: Summons a Halloween pumpkin which bounces and crashes into the enemy, dealing magic damage.
Thanos is a DPS mage with strong AoE damage skills, something that his former single-target burning passive effect did not align with, so we decided to give him more AoE damage with an explosive pumpkin.
3. York
Green Skill Reworked As: Flame Thrower: Spews flame at a enemies in a conical area in front of him, dealing multiple hits of damage.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New UPCOMMING Update - Released on Monday 03.oct.2016

Hero Changes:
1. Hero Awakening: Jacob, as voted by players on Facebook.
Awaken Skill: When HP falls to 30%, Survival Instinct will kick in, immediately raising attack speed drastically as well as greatly increasing the hero's physical and magic lifesteal, lasting for the next 3 attacks or skill casts.
2. Luke Redesign:
Role: Mid row Cannon. Healer counter.
Ultimate: Torpedo Barrage - From mid air, fires several barrages of torpedoes in a specified direction, dealing AoE physical damage. Healing for targets who receive damage will be cut in half for 20s (does not stack).
Green: Glycerin Bomb - Fires a glycerin bomb at an enemy, dealing physical damage and setting the target on fire, causing sustained damage.
Blue: Guided Missile - Fires a super-long range guided missile, dealing AoE damage to the farthest enemy target and cutting healing in half for that target (does not stack).
Passive: His weapons are improved, increasing his attack damage and enabling him to cut healing in half for targets who are hit by his basic attack (does not stack).
3. Rams: