Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Legend: Lucifer

Name: Lucifer

Role: Mid row physical marksman. Provides crit strikes, can change form and buff teammates.

Special Passive: While he is transformed, the battlefield will turn into Hades, and all units in Hades will receive an atk dmg boost based on their crit strike rate.

Ultimate: Shadow Eclipse - Spreads 6 wings & shoots feathers, dealing multi-hit phys dmg to up to 5 enemies.

Green: Netherwave - Deals AoE physical damage to target. After transforming, the area of effect is enlarged and also deals a stun effect.

Blue: Netherscar - Summons a Netherclaw to lash out in front of him, dealing physical damage. After transforming, the size and damage range of the claw is greatly increased.

Hades' Realm - Raises his crit dmg lvl. When an ally deals a crit strike, it raises Lucifer’s atk speed & crit strike rate by 5%. At a full 6 layers, he enters Seraphim mode, buffing armor, mag resist, skills, & adds basic atk splash dmg.

How to Get: from events

Special Features:
Originally a 6-winged angel of Light, Lucifer subsequently became king of the Underworld after his Fall. When he assembles all 6 of his wings, he transforms into Seraphim mode and receives a terrifying boost in strength.
Lucifer is the only hero in the game that can alter the battlefield. In this special battlefield, all units (including allies and enemies alike) must abide by its special rules. The rules of Hades are: all units receive a physical attack damage buff based on their own crit strike rate. Without a doubt, physical-based heroes reign supreme in Hades. While in Hades, for every 1% crit strike rate a hero has, he or she will receive a 60pt attack damage boost. Lucifer himself possesses 30% crit strike, and when you add in equipment, beast souls, and other crit strike buffs, his attack power has the potential to shoot through the roof as soon as he transforms.
The key to using Lucifer well is to reach transformation as soon as possible, and that’s triggered by casting 6 crit strikes, so you’ve gotta stack your team with other heroes that can deliver those crits, i.e. Mira, Chavez, Spar and other high crit-rate heroes.

Lucifer Guide

1. Role
Lucifer is a crit-striking marksman who needs to be paired up with other crit strikers who can help him enter transformation mode. Once he transforms, Lucifer can unleash a storm of damage to raze the enemy team to ashes.

2. Equipment Skill
We recommend his eighth piece of equipment, “Wings of Origin” to buff his damage, or his sixth piece, “Phoenix Wing” to make him more durable.

3. Beast Soul Set
We recommend the “Underworld Hydra” set since crits and crit damage are Lucifer’s specialty.

4. Captain Skill
Since his transformation increases both armor and magic resist, “Stoneskin Aura” will ensure Lucifer can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’!

5. Recommended Lineup
1) Chavez + Lucifer + Baggins (Awakened) + Sue + Mira

With the “Bullet Team” as its core, this lineup packs some decent firepower on its own, and the extra crit strike rate boost that awakened Baggins provides will help push Lucifer into Seraphim mode faster.

2. Chavez + Spar + Saizo (Awakened) + Lucifer + Mira

This is a team composed of some of the best crit strikers in the game, and the 3-hero front row will help shield Lucifer until he can transform.

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