Friday, January 27, 2017

Update - New hero: Max, Coco's awakening

Hero Changes

New Hero: Max
Hero role: Mid Row Marksman, reduce enemy team damage
How to get: Daily sign in reward.
Ultimate: Pong! Pong! Pong! - Launch Max's special bombs will bounce at ground three times, each bounce will cause physical damage within the sight of the enemy.
Blue Skill 1: Force Field: When you activate the Force Field skill, the friendly side of the row can not be selected as the target. Force Field also decrease enemies' AoE damages.
Skill 2: Old Joe's Gift: Inflicts three physical damage to a single enemy, if the target is within the force field, target will be knocked off.
Passive: War Boy: Increase the physical attack damage of the team.

Hero Awakening: Coco
Awakening Skills: Lurking in the battlefield before battle starts, sudden damage to the surrounding enemies, reduce their armor and block their dodge.

Skill 1: Blade Runner: Skill Description Optimization: Instant hit will be based on the number of enemies hit, replies to their own energy. (Skill logic has not changed)
Aurora, Paganini, Bauer - Available at stages, stores, black markets, and the soul exchange.

Noel And Snow
The Skill bonus damage description has been optimized. For Noel: Magical damage bonus. For Snow: physical damage bonus

Update contents
Sky City
Added a red dot notice mark,When Sky City is ready for challenge.
Improved AI of Auto fight in Sky City
Fixed damage dealing bug
More salient notice for While Lilith spelling her ultimate

Rune core
Added animation for Rune material

Added a new Practice Mode. Every day, you can practice your fighting skills with any boss you want.b)Just press to any boss you want to practice, then select Practice Mode to start. There will be no reward in Practice Mode.

Kingdom War
During the Kingdom War, if arena takes your castle's location, you will get receive a compensation letter.
Added new report function in flower space.

-Improved game influence when spending Exp Elixir.
-Improved early stage user experience
-Players could recognize the quality of Beast soul by words now

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