Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NEW AWAKENING - Little Red !

Awakening Hero - Little Red - Video Review


Mid row Cannon .Physicist basic attack. Whips out all kinds of weapons to mercilessly shell the enemy.


Rebel Rocket

Little Red uses her ultimate weapon and fires a large missile, dealing massive physical damage to the first enemy it hits and small physical damage to surrounding enemies.

Rebel Strafe

Little Red suddenly turns black and uses a machine gun to strafe the enemies in front of her.


Little Red takes out 3 caltrops from who knows where, dealing physical damage to any enemies that step on them, and each hit will cause the enemy to lose 40 energy points.

Dark Windstorm

The terrorizing Little Red makes the enemy incredibly frightened, lowering their armor.

Rogue Cannon is Little Red's Neutral Awakening skill.

Effect: Little Red loses control of the cannon in her basket after she dies and a loose spark causes a missile to fire at an enemy, dealing Physical Damage.

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