Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Update Incoming 06.06.16

  New Update Incoming 06.06.16
(thanks to test server players)

Buff to Chavez, Pandarus,Gridlock !
Nerf to West!
Leon Soulstones available !

New awakening maybe in the next update :\ New Update Incoming! / 更新公告

Hero Changes
1. Chavez:
a) Supreme! Guard – Increased the amount of Shield pts given.
2. Mira:
Improved Skill Description: Changed “target with the lowest HP” to “most injured target”.
3. West
a) Double Rapid Fire changed to: Photon Barrage - Fires 3 energy projectiles that deals physical damage to enemies in front of him. The third bullet knocks back any enemy in its path.
b) Power Shot changed to: Energy Shot – Slightly lowered this skill’s damage to account for fairly large damage boost that Lightspeed got.
c) Lightspeed – After teleporting, it will deal 3 hits of physical damage to an enemy instead of 2, increasing its total damage dealt.
4. Pandarus:
a) Lumen Shot - Shoots poison arrow that explodes on impact. Deals dmg/poisons enemies in conical area behind target, removing shields & mitigating healing.
b) Poison Snare - Spills poisonous liquid on the ground, dealing damage to enemies. Enemies standing on the liquid will lose shield effects and receive less healing.
5. Gridlock: We’ve made some changes to enhance Gridlock’s signature strengths. Now when he releases himself from a Silence spell, he will immediately regain a lot of energy. We’ve slightly lowered the amount of energy gained from taking damage and increased his passive effect. Other skill changes are as follows:
a) Onward! – Made the shield more powerful for teammates when they are freed from silence.
b) Energy Cannon – Raised damage.
c) Quick Fire – Raised damage.
d) Extreme Fire – Raised the extra damage that his basic attacks deal.
6. Léon: Now available via Wishing Pool and Campaign stages.
7. Monk Sun: Revised his skill demo animations, so that his skills’ properties can be seen more clearly.
8. Edwin: New avatar.

Update Content:
1. Redid the early-game World Map tutorial. Added Lv 1-5 World Map monsters that players can attack solo for gold and other random rewards.
2. Alliance flags can be changed.
3. Revised Rally Attack requirements: heroes must have full health to take part in rallies.
4. Alliance Team Raid: Players who didn’t roll a rune will get random rune fragments. Fragments will be sent via in-game mail when all rewards for that level are sent.

1. Improved the layout of the Events page.
2. Improved line breaks when entering text in messages and Alliance announcements.
3. Improved how the one-tap Advance feature works. Now players can find out what items they still need to advance.
4. Added a portal for buying Shadow Essence in Crystal Dungeon.
5. Players whose accounts have been frozen can see the reason when they try to log in.
6. Fixed a problem that led to a hero display problem if the player did not exit the game after an update that included new hero animation files.
7. Players can look up a mine’s number when viewing its info.
8. Fixed a problem related to levels in the power comparison page after Lv 90.

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