Thursday, February 16, 2017

Update - Alma Awakening, Captain Skills balancing

Hero Changes

Alma (Hero Awakening) - Awaken Skill: Ghost King - When a summoned ghost dies or disappears, Alma gets a layer of Ghost King effect. At 3 layers, the Ghost King is summoned. Ghost King HP regens when little ghosts die, & his atks lower enemy magic resist.

Robin - Skill order revised: Green skill casts earlier now.Slightly increased energy regen speed to help Robin shapeshift quicker.

Nezha - Ultimate: Omnitractor – Raised duration of attack-blocking state to 4s. New addition: while in blocking state, Nezha is also immune to disabling skills and taunts all enemies. After a counterattack is triggered, he now lands in front of the target. His attack and knockup ranges have also been enlarged.

Edwin - Lowered movement speed and slightly raised attack range, allowing Edwin to become more durable.

Monk Sun - Slightly increased energy regen speed.

Update Content
Captain Skills Balancing
Team Shield: Slightly increased shield value.
Boost Totem: Slightly increased duration of the buff.
Flame Weapon: Increased chance of being triggered.
True Strike: Slightly raised damage.

Increased the amount of Beast Soul refining materials in Market/Black Market/Mystery Shop
Now when players send 999 flowers, they can share their generous deed on the World Chat channel.

In addition, we’ve added a new server-wide animation effect after 999 flowers are sent.

-Added an animation effect when the Exit City button is pressed.
-If soulstone donation messages are turned off in Alliance Chat, then it will also be turned off in the small chat window in the lower left corner.
-Improved the pre-advancement rune core display.

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