Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 2016 News

#MagicEvent! July's events are almost here! To thank everyone for your support, we've got all kinds of events prepared! So please don't forget to participate in our
events. (See in-game for specific event times.)

Shadow War
A brand new Shadow Essence War event is hitting the servers on 7/3. 2 people team up to mine at high-speed! Get your friends and join in! (See in-game for official rules.)
#ShadowEssenceWar launched:
a) Will launch on servers that have been online for 30 days or more.
b) Opens every Wednesday and Sunday at 05:00, 11:00, & 18:00 server time.
c) A large amount of Shadow Mines will appear in the central Mystery Land part of the World Map. These mines can be mined together with an ally. Mining with a partner will yield extra Shadow Essence for both players.
d) Only players who have joined an alliance can mine these Shadow Mines.
e) On each event day, every player has 2 chances to steal a Shadow Mine from another player and loot the resources that player was mining.
f) These mines aren’t affected by VIP level or Mega Mine speed up buffs.
g) Each mine contains a limited amount of resources.

#Lucky Wheel Event!
Event Time:July/6th 5:00-July/11th 4:59(server time)
Event Scope:201-240,Merger1-Merger56,7001-7016
Event Content:Welcome, everyone, to the Magic Wheel Event! Here we have one-of-a-kind heroes, as well as tons of Exp Elixir, Gold, and Shadow Essence! Let's go for a spin!

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