Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Upcomming Update release on Monday 11.july.2016

Hero Changes:
1. New Hero - Kong Ming
a) Ming Power: Summons 3 magic spells that deal damage to whichever enemy they hit.
b) Green Dragon: Summons a dragon to fight alongside Kong
Ming. The dragon casts taunts at the enemy under cover of heavy armor, but also takes extra AoE damage.
c) Ming Portal: Summons a magic portal, rendering the enemy motionless. If the portal is not broken while in effect, the enemy will teleport in front of Kong Ming.
d) Master Plan: Kong Ming periodically casts a spell on an enemy, dealing extra dmg and a 1s stun if the enemy takes AoE magic dmg while under the spell.
2. New Hero – Malachi
a) Death Reign: Deals damage to enemy units in the area and also devours all Ghouls in the area, recovering HP for himself.
b) Wereboar Witch: Summons a Wereboar Witch Doctor with AoE healing abilities to the battle.
c) Wereboar Shaman: Summons a Wereboar Shaman that can encourage nearby allies and deal AoE damage.
d) Ghoul Army: Periodically summons lots of Ghouls to the fight.
3. Gerber:
a) Soul Torment changed to Soulception: Deals magic damage to an enemy and draws out the target's soul to fight for Gerber's side. If the soul dies during this time, Gerber will be stunned.
b) Soul Strike changed to Soul Hammer: Strikes the ground with his Soul Hammer, creating a shockwave that deals magic damage to a straight line of enemies.
c) Iron Hammer changed to Recoil Armor: Deflects back damage from the next 3 skill attacks received. Deflected damage is 50% of damage received plus bonus skill damage.
4. Spartacus: Spartacus was possessed by the god of war and has transformed into Spar, with a whole new look and some new skills.
a) Vandal Statue changed to Spar Storm: Whirls his blood axe across the battlefield, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Leaves a bleeding effect which causes continuous damage per second.
b) Shield Slam changed to Spar Slam: Puts all his force into his shield, smashing an enemy in the face with it. Must crit strike.
c) Spear Burst changed to Blood Axe: Hurls his axe, dealing damage to enemies in a rectangular area in front of him.
5. Chavez:
a) Supreme! Guard changed to Ultimate Guard: Chavez becomes invincible & regens HP while casting a magic circle at a target area. Raises armor & magic resist for teammates within. Dmg to them regens HP for Chavez based on their resist levels.
b) Supreme! Chop changed to Weapon Storm: Deals magic damage to surrounding enemies.
c) Supreme! Charge changed to Blindside: Teleports behind an enemy and deals magic damage and stun to the target.d) Supreme! Strike changed to Death Strike: Increases his crit strike chance and causes Weapon Storm to cast a mark upon the enemy. Each time enemies with this mark take damage, it will regen some HP for Chavez.6. Karas:Spirit Attack changed to Tengu Ward: Opens up a magic barrier beside himself, dealing magic dmg to up to 5 enemies within, & then regens own health. Can cast at 500 energy, but will cause more dmg & regen if cast at full energy.
7. Coco:
a) Charm Release changed to Shadow Dancer: Summons two invincible Shadow Dancers to rapidly attack the enemy. Their attacks can ricochet twice.
b) Acheron Whirl: Changed so that her flying blade can hit more enemies going out and coming back.
c) Magic Bullet changed to Shadow Rush: For 7 seconds, increases attack damage and ability power for surrounding teammates.
8. Yuan:Bronze Shield changed to Red Cyclone: No change to skill effect.
9. GrunkForest Friend: Slightly lowered skill damage.

Update Content:
1. Home City: Added an events calendar where players can preview that month’s giveaway events.
2. New Home City merchant, the Time Traveler:
a) Must be at least Troop Lv 40 and have a hero with a gold star (any hero except those available in Arena/Crusade/Abyss Shops). When that hero has 10 or more extra soulstones saved up, there’s a chance that the Time Traveler will appear when sweeping or passing Campaign stages.
b) The Time Traveler will appear for 1 hour, during which time players can spend soulstones of their eligible gold-starred heroes to buy treasure chests. Aside from various resources, chests must contain soulstones of our newest hero “Malachi”!
3. Raised amount of gold and Shadow Essence obtained from fighting in Throne Wars slightly.

1. Improved lag during battles.
2. Can view Hero Brawl ranking on players’ name cards.
3. Added a new Alliance Medal for the ally who protects mines the most.
4. Added a City Wall icon to the World Map to make healing heroes more convenient.
5. Improved viewing players name cards in Alliance contexts.
6. Improved the clickable area for the plus/minus buttons when selling items in the Bag.
7. In Tower Defense stages, after a hero reaches max level, players can still tap on them to view their attack range.
8. Improved some aspects of using the Discount Shop.
9. Corrected the skills of some enemy heroes in Campaign.
10. Improved a problem with items in the Alliance Contribution page not fitting in their boxes.
11. Improved the borders of some pages in the Alliance interface.

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