Saturday, July 16, 2016

All you need to know about Malachi & Time Traveler Shop

I saw your threat about the shop and the hero and how you guys struggle on that. So I thought I have to show you the REAL infos you need because some things were wrong.

At first here are lots of pics:

Now lets talk about the shop. The Shop appears only if you have something to spend in it that means you need a hero on gold star and minimum 20 ss. How often he appears seems random to me, had him 7 times a day and also just 1 time a day. There was an info that heroes from crusade and arena shop doesn't work. Mira seems not to work, Gorgana and Pandarus works. The inside of the shop resets at the same time like the blacksmith shop and the secret shop (0:00 Server time).

About the chests I can say that the Low Chests are not worth, you get a bit Malachin ss and some purple fragments. Collect until you have minimum 50ss for the
Medium Chests and you get more Malachin ss but also a whole purple rune. But way more better are the High Chests for 100 ss, you get way more ss and there is a 50:50 chance (feels like) to get a whole orange rune.

But is it worth for the new hero? YES If you want the best Tanksupport in the game! Why you say no, eleonoris? I mean as a heavily gold wish pool user it felt like wasting gold if you have already 9 gold star heroes ... just in case I added my 5* oj+2 Diaochan to the album.

Reflection on what I said: You feeling so damn good rightnow because you got every info you need about a topic. Yes the shop is for the gold wish pool user. If you didn't used it in the past so you have'nt some gold star heroes with 300ss on top of it: forget the shop.

Put some questions in the comments, I would love to answer them.

Ah, before I forget it. Can anybody tell me the hipe about the lvl3 academy? IT STANDS THE WHOLE TIME IN THE [?]-SECTION IN ACADEMY FOR AGES. (ex-)Members of the Argonauts on Merger31 know these things because I called that out at the beginning of 2016.

Greets from the ethiopian jungle, ola

2 things are coming like a lightning in my head. The first was how much of the healing and speed gobs can Malachin summon? The answer is: just 1 at the time, if one lived a bit of time Malachin will short after resummon him. The 2nd thing was how I can effect the healing of the gob because it's like a 2nd lil Aurai summoned by a tank if you want to say so. And now the things getting be intresting regarding to the mechanics of the game. Because Healing is based on AP, I tryied Merlynn with her passive ap buff together with Malachin and it didn't effect the healing by the gob. Now I tried my Salman passive skill, which does ap buff every 10 seconds, didnt worked too. But the Salaman skill which gives speed buff + ap buff worked very great on them.

Take 3 seconds to think about what happens here, if you're done grab a tomatoe or egg (in some cases a stone) and throw it with maximum speed to the window there the elex coder is sitting, ähh sleeping! Passive effects doesnt effect summoned creatures, even not if a skill is changing in time like the Salman passive. The Salman skill that works is a aoe cast and effects the gobs activlily. But the thing with Salmans passive is a bug based on shitty programmed mechanics. With that said ... I really don't know what I should say about that. These things pissing me off every, yeees every, day. Same thing on Diaochan ulti which works not every time like it should be but this is a different story. So have someone inside knowledge about that and can say us what's the reason for that mechanic is ?


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