Hero Changes:
1. Seeley Awakening:
Awaken Skill: Fully Charged - After successfully dodging, she will go into Fully Charged mode, increasing any healing effect she receives, as well as her attack damage and ability power.
2. Pandarus Awaken Skill Change:
Awaken Skill: Healing Screen – Now the amount of healing absorbed will increase with the skill’s level, and the amount able to be absorbed is also getting raised.
3. York:
Combo Bomb: Improved skill animation effects.
4. Chavez Attribute Change:

Removed the shield effect buff from Dragon Prayer and changed it to magic resist.

Update Content:
1. Now an 8x Diamond Wish must give out a 3-star hero, with a possibility of giving out an extra 2-star hero.
2. High level tech unlocked – opens at Kingdom Lv 80.
3. Elite Crusade sweeps enabled at Lv 80:
a) Rules are the same as Normal Crusade sweeps. Complete Elite Crusade once manually, and the following two days, you can just sweep Elite Crusade.
b) Elite Crusade sweeps and Normal Crusade sweeps are independent of each other. The crystals required for both are counted separately.
4. The hero for a first diamond wish is changing from Baggins to Emily.
5. Lowered the probability of attributes neither increasing nor decreasing in Dragon Prayer
6. No more cooldown time between challenges in the Arena after Lv 60.
7. Improved the rules on the World Map for exiling players who haven’t logged in for a while.
8. Lowered amount of healing required by heroes at Lv 60 and up in World Map battles.
9. Slightly increased Medicine yields from Lv 6 mines.
10. Slightly lowered healing effect in World Map battles.

1. Improved push notifications for iOS.
2. Added a notification when a player drops in rank and it affects hourly reward rate in Hero Brawl.
3. Improved user experience for Ladder Tourney.
4. If a player’s application for an alliance is rejected, that player cannot apply again to the same alliance for a certain amount of time.
5. Improved rules governing when Black Market, Mystery Merchant, and Time Traveler appear.
6. Improved user experience for VIP Discount Shop.
7. Improved the font color for Shadow Mine messages in the chat box in the lower left corner of the screen.
8. Adjusted the display size of mines on the World Map.
9. Switched the character displayed on the Mystery Merchant shop page.