Sunday, July 17, 2016

[Wiklrleaks] More info about Alliance Territory + new feature: Team Captains

Alliance Territory

More info about the upcoming Alliance Territory game mode.

The Citadel
When the attacker has fought off all guards, the Citadel's build points will start to drop. When build points drop a certain amount, the Citadel will be downgraded.

Alliance Mines
Alliances can open special mines on their turf.

Alliance Tech replacement
Alliance Tech now requires that an alliance reaches Lv 4 and places a Lv 1 Citadel on their Turf, and then an Alliance Tech building can be built on their Alliance Turf. Research will resume after the tech building is placed, and tech level will not be restricted by tech building level.
To compensate you for any losses incurred after changing requirements for unlocking Alliance Tech in this update, you will get some diamonds and Alliance Honor.
When an alliance reaches Lv 4 and places a Lv 1 Citadel, they will be able to place an Alliance Tech building on their alliance turf.
The initial level for each type of tech is Lv 0, and after upgrading it, alliances can enjoy huge tech buffs.
Alliance Leaders and Elders can select one type of tech to research. Tech level cannot exceed the building's level, but tech that is already under research or has already completed research will not be affected by building level. Research requires a certain amount of time, after which time that tech will go up one level.
The higher your Alliance Tech level is, the higher its attribute buff will be, but it will also require a longer research time.
Alliances can research two different types of tech at once. All alliance members can choose to speed up one of the techs being researched. Each speed up takes 20 minutes off its research time.
Speed ups cost medicine, and members will get a corresponding amount of Alliance contribution points.
The effects of each Alliance Tech are as follows:
Iron Spirit: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a physical attack and armor buff.
Magic Aura: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a magic attack and magic resist buff.
Tree of Life: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a health buff.
High Octane: When reinforcing allies, troops get a marching speed buff.
Steel Pickaxe: When garrisoning a Mega Mine, allies will get a higher resource yield.
Black Market
Black Market will have runes fragments for sale among other things.
Turf Black Market items will automatically refresh once every 24 hours, with one free refresh chance per day, after which manual refreshes will require a certain amount of resources.
Select the items you wish to buy and then tap to purchase.
As the Black Market gets upgraded, higher-level items will be unlocked. Item refresh chances and prices will also increase.
Black Market max level is restricted by Citadel level. If Citadel level drops because of an attack, it will affect Black Market max level.

Captain Skills (new feature)
Captain skills are a new feature which grants special skills for you team's captain. Unlocking captain skills requires upgrading talents.

A ball of fire will fall from the sky, dealing magic damage to the hero farthest back in the enemy formation.
Casts a bolt of chain lightning, dealing magic damage to all enemy heroes.
Casts a shield, protecting teammates for a short time at the start of battle.
Summons a Retribution totem to the side of the captain which will periodically attack enemy targets. Totem will deal higher damage to summoned units and target them first.
Summons a Boost totem to the side of the captain which will periodically raise attack damage and ability power of teammates.
Summons an electrical storm which lasts the length of a normal battle. Every so often, it will deal a small amount of damage to the whole enemy team.
Raises Dodge rate for the whole team 20%. If an attack is dodged, it will increase that hero's attack damage and ability power.
Ally units will have a chance of triggering off a one-time high-damage flame effect when making attacks.
Ally units get 20% crit strike. If a basic attack is dodged, it will trigger one hit of bonus damage.
Captain will periodically deal magic damage to all enemy units.
When ally units take damage, it will be reduced by a fixed amount.
A meteorite falls from the sky, dealing massive damage to the enemy front row.
Greatly increases ability power for ally units and also increases ability power for enemy units.
Greatly increases attack damage for ally units and also increases attack damage for enemy units.
Lowers enemy ability power.
Lowers enemy attack damage.

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