Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Alliance Turf gameplay is coming out soon!

Brand‬ new Alliance Turf gameplay is coming out soon! Summon your allies and establish your very own Turf!

Brave Heroes:
In our recent update, we will releas a brand new Alliance Turf system, an all-new mode of gameplay for Alliances on the World Map. Players who have joined an alliance and whose alliances have reached Lv 4 can take part in this mode and receive all kinds of benefits and enjoy tons of convenient features. Below is an introduction to how Alliance Turf works!

Alliance Turf
Players must start or join an alliance, and the alliance must reach Lv 4, and then the alliance Leader or an Elder can establish their Alliance Turf anywhere on the World Map (except for the Mystery Land or other Kingdoms). Alliance Turf within the alliance’s Kingdom or in the Neutral Zone will provide the same buff effects. After Turf is established, alliance members can start building up their Alliance Citadel and other Turf buildings. Alliance members who relocate within their alliance’s Turf can also receive mining buffs and Academy resource production buffs.

As Alliance Turf level rises, Turf boundaries will grow larger. Max Turf level is Lv 8, and Turf boundaries will extend at levels 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. If Turf boundaries start to encroach on another alliance’s Turf, then alliance members will not be able to move to the conflicted area. If this occurs, the alliance leader or an elder can decide to move their Turf to another area. The first relocation is free, with another free relocation chance being given after a 240-hour cooldown (10 days for you liberal arts majors out there). Alliances cannot spend diamonds or other items to relocate.

Once every 72 hours, high-yield Alliance Mines containing 3 types of resources (any 3 out of Iron, Crystal, Silver, and Medicine) will be opened up in one’s Turf. Once opened, these Alliance Mines will continuously appear within Alliance Turf, and alliance members can mine them for their rich resources. Players can also loot occupied Alliance Mines of other alliances. These Alliance Mines also have a chance of giving out Turf Fragment items. Turf Fragments are necessary material for upgrading the Citadel in later stages. When a player gets a Turf Fragment, it will be automatically donated to the alliance and the player will receive a contribution reward.

Alliance members can build up their Alliance Citadel by sending troops to guard it, thereby earning Build Points. Each member can send one troop of heroes which can guard up to 3 hours, and after 3 hours the troop will return home and Build Pts and rewards will be calculated. Guards who leave their post early will receive a proportion of Build Pts and rewards based on time served. If enough Build Pts are accumulated, the building will level up. The higher a guard troop’s battle power, the more Build Pts will be given. As the Citadel levels up, the alliance’s Turf borders will expand and Citadel buff effects will grow stronger.
Once the Citadel reaches a certain level, Alliance Fortresses can be built, costing a certain amount of Citadel Build Pts. Fortresses are placed by the Leader or an Elder somewhere outside Alliance Turf, thereby establishing a new Buffer Zone. Fortresses will accumulate Build Pts for one’s Alliance Citadel (Fortresses Build Pts themselves will not increase), and extra Alliance Mines will also appear within these Buffer Zones. Each alliance can have up to 2 Fortresses, with 1 Fortress unlocking at Citadel Lv 4 and 6 respectively. Buffer Zones can be established anywhere within an alliance’s Kingdom or the Neutral Zone, and do not have to be placed directly beside an alliance’s Turf.
After Alliance Turf is established, there are various function buildings which can be built in your Turf. They are: Soul Exchange, Black Market, and Alliance Tech.

Soul Exchange Features:
1. In the Soul Exchange, players can request hero soulstones from their fellow allies. As Soul Exchange building level rises, players can request more soulstones, and cooldown time between requests grow shorter.
2. Players can only request soulstones of heroes that they already own, and some heroes available in shops such as Arena Shop or Brawl Shop, as well as Soulstone Wish heroes, cannot be requested. As building level rises, the number of soulstones players can exchange for also increases.
3. After each donation, players will get a certain amount of Soul Coins varying by hero. Soul Coins can be exchanged for your desired hero soulstones. As building level rises, the number of soulstones players can exchange for also increases.
4. Soul Exchange level is restricted by Citadel level. If Citadel level drops due to an attack, it will also influence the Soul Exchange's max level.
Black Market Features:
1. Here alliance members can exchange World Map resources for runes, exp, other World Map resources, and development-related items.
2. Turf Black Market items will automatically refresh once every 24 hours, with one free manual refresh chance per day, after which manual refreshes will require a certain amount of resources. Manual refresh chances refresh every day at 05:00 server time.
3. As the Black Market gets upgraded, higher-level items will be unlocked. Item refresh chances and prices will also increase.
4. Black Market max level is restricted by Citadel level. If Citadel level drops because of an attack, it will affect Black Market max level.

Alliance Tech Features:
1. The original Alliance Tech system is being moved to Alliance Turf. When an alliance reaches Lv 4 and places a Lv 1 Citadel, they will be able to place an Alliance Tech building on their alliance turf.
2. The initial level for each type of tech is Lv 0, and after upgrading it, alliances can enjoy huge tech buffs.
3. Alliance Leaders and Elders can select one type of tech to research. Tech level cannot exceed the building's level, but tech that is already under research or has already completed research will not be affected by building level. Research requires a certain amount of time, after which time that tech will go up one level.
4. The higher your Alliance Tech level is, the higher its attribute buff will be, but it will also require a longer research time.
5. Alliances can research two different types of tech at once. All alliance members can choose to speed up one of the techs being researched. Each speed up takes 20 minutes off its research time.
6. Speed ups cost a certain amount of resources, and members will get a corresponding amount of Alliance contribution points.
7. The effects of each Alliance Tech are as follows:
Iron Spirit: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a physical attack and armor buff.
Magic Aura: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a magic attack and magic resist buff.
Tree of Life: When reinforcing allies, heroes get a health buff.
High Octane: When reinforcing allies, troops get a marching speed buff.
Steel Pickaxe: When garrisoning a Mega Mine, allies will get a higher resource yield.
9. When the Turf boundaries of two alliances are in conflict, all building levels within the Turf will drop one level. The more alliances that are in conflict, the more levels will be lost. The lowest level for an Alliance Building is Lv 1.
10. The max level for function buildings is capped at the Citadel's current level. When the Citadel is downgraded, function buildings will lose some of their functionality.
12. In Alliance Turf gameplay, other alliances can attack an Alliance Citadel or Fortress, and when all guard troops in the building have been defeated, the next attack will start deducting Build Pts. When Build Pts drop below a certain amount, the building's level will drop. When the level drops below Lv 1, the Citadel will be automatically relocated, and all buildings in the Turf will be taken back. After a cooldown period, Alliance Turf can be established on the map again. When players attack another alliance's Citadel and cause it to lose Build Pts, there is a chance they will loot Turf Fragments. Players can also loot Turf Fragments from the Alliance Mines of other alliances.

In addition, when the Turf boundaries of two alliances are in conflict, all building levels within the Turf will drop one level. The more alliances that are in conflict, the more levels will be lost. The lowest level for an Alliance Building is Lv 1. If you want to avoid this situation, the only way is to force the other alliance to relocate by attacking their Citadel until it runs out of Build Pts, or one of the parties moves away voluntarily.
Above is a detailed introduction to the new Alliance Turf gameplay. Alliance Turf will be an important new addition to the game, and all of its features are designed to allow an alliance to serve its members better. Also, having your own Turf will strengthen alliance solidarity and encourage active membership.
For all detailed rules and gameplay, we welcome our Heroes to experience Alliance Turf for yourself and see all the benefits it has to offer!

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