Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Update Release on Monday 25.july.2016

Hero Changes
1. New Hero: Rek
Hero Role: Back row Marksmen. Physical basic attack. Possesses extremely high armor and the ability to deflect back damage.
a) Iron Meteor: Passive - Increases the whole team's attack damage, attack speed, and physical lifesteal. Active - Also allows him to deflect back 50% of damage received, then throws his wrecking ball at the enemy, dealing damage.

b) Rock Armor: Gives himself and teammate with lowest HP a physical damage absorbing shield and raises armor for both of them.
c) Heavenly Body: Throws a huge stone into the enemy formation, dealing physical damage.
d) Amped Up: He will regen some energy when he receives damage, but it will not be triggered again for a short period of time.
2. Lee:
Skill Revision: Sleeping Pill - Puts the target into a sleep state in which they will continuously receive nightmare damage, until they awaken.
3. Chavez:Skill Revision: Ultimate Guard – Lowered HP regen effect.
4. Jacob: Improved hero animations and special effects.
5. Gearz: Adjusted lifesteal and energy boost attributes for advancing and prayer.
6. Pearl: Added to Diamond Wish, Soulstone Wish, and VIP Shop.
7. Gerber: Fixed bug giving Gerber himself an energy boost from the soul that he summons.

Update Content:
1. New Tower Defense stage: Normal Difficulty 9-2 – Cleverly use the power of the tides to fight off monster invaders.
2. Alliance Turf System:
a) Alliance Citadel: Alliances can set up a Citadel on the World Map to establish their Turf.Inside Alliance Turf, players can get mining yield buffs and Academy resource production buffs.Alliance members build up their Alliance Citadel by sending troops to guard it. As the building levels up, the alliance’s turf borders will expand and Citadel buff effects will grow stronger.High-yield Alliance Mines containing a mix of 3 types of resources will appear periodically within one’s turf. Players can also loot the mines of other alliances.Alliance Mines have a chance of giving out Turf Fragment items. After a player finishes mining, these will automatically be donated to the alliance and the player will receive a contribution reward.Turf Fragments are a necessary item for late-stage Citadel upgrades. They can be obtained most quickly by looting alliance mines of other alliances or attacking other alliances’ Citadels.Various “function buildings” can be built within Alliance Turf: Soul Exchange, Black Market, Alliance Tech.
b) Soul Exchange Building:Players can request hero soulstones from other alliance members here.When donating soulstones requested by others, players will get Soul Coins.Soul Coins can be exchanged to buy soulstones.As building level increases, more soulstones can be requested.
c) Black Market:Here alliance members can exchange World Map resources for runes, exp, other World Map resources, and development-related items.As building level increases, more exchanges can be made. Quality of goods will also rise.
d) Alliance Tech:The original Alliance Tech system is being moved to Alliance Turf.As building level rises, max tech level will also go up.(Note: Will not affect tech levels that have already been researched.)
e) Alliance Fortress:When the Citadel reaches a certain level, alliances can build a Fortress outside of their Turf boundaries.Building Fortresses will cost a certain amount of Citadel Build Points. Once built, it will form a secondary territory, or Buffer Zone.Fortresses will accumulate Build Pts for one’s Alliance Citadel (Fortresses Build Pts themselves will not increase).Extra Alliance Mines will appear within the Buffer Zone.
3. There is now a “Hero Name Card” feature accessible from the player info page by tapping on the avatar in the top left of the main page:
a) Upload your own photo and then merge it with a picture of your favorite hero to create a unique, personalized name card.
b) Every hero has their own special picture that you can use to create your name card.
c) You can customize the motto of your favorite hero.
d) Name cards can be shared via Facebook.
4. VIP2 now unlocks a Mine Quick Search function on the World Map: get precise search results for mines according to resource type and level.
5. Added a button in the upper left corner of the hero details page which you can tap to read that hero’s background story.
6. Month Stamina Cards can now be purchased at Lv 30 or higher.
7. Expanded the number of Team Raid and Elite Raid levels.

1. Improved the description regarding random purple runes for VIP Packs.
2. Added Odin runes and fragments as a shop item.
3. Improved the rules for when the wish counter resets in Diamond Wish.
4. Some skills that take a long time to finish will now be shown fully in the hero skill demo display.
5. Improved interaction in the Events Calendar.
6. From now on during Double Rune events, Legend stages will also drop double of certain hero soulstones.
7. Legend and Mystic hero tabs now have translations in multiple languages.
8. Improved animations in Island Crusade.
9. Improved the position on the right side of the screen where fragments are displayed when sweeping for hero essence fragments.
10. Improved memory usage for some modes.

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