Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dear Heroes, Have you tried our new talent systems?

Talent Fragments
Necessary items throughout the Talent/Captain Skill activation and leveling process. They can be gotten from Ancient Ruins stages and Stardust Wishes.

How to Get Talent Fragments from Ancient Ruins
Like similar stages, Ancient Ruins stages will drop different fragments, and difficulty level will increase as you progress. Every day players get 5 free challenge chances. When
these are used up, Bread can be purchased with diamonds to challenge more stages. When one map is passed, it will also level up the Stardust Wish prize pool.

Stardust Wish
Stardust Wish is an easier way of getting Talent Fragments. With each stage that you pass, the prize pool in Stardust Wish (the types of items you can get) will also improve. Every day players get one free chance to draw an item from Stardust Wish.

Talents can directly raise a hero’s battle power. With each Talent activated or leveled up, you’ll see a rise in power. Each hero will get 10 Talents in the new update which have their own unique attribute buffs. which can go up to Lv 7. Talents must be unlocked one by one.

Let’s use Aurai as an example to introduce the Talent System.

First, find the Talent icon on the main page, to the very right of the page after entering the game.

After tapping the icon, you’ll enter the hero selection page. Tap on the hero you’d like to activate a Talent for. (In the picture it’s Aurai.)

When the upper right corner displays your selected hero, that hero’s Talents will be displayed on the page.

Each hero has 10 Talents. Tap on the Talent you’d like to learn to view the required items to learn that Talent.

After tapping on a Talent, if an activate button appears under the Talent and it’s gray, that means you can learn that Talent, but you don’t have enough Talent fragments. In this case, you’ll see a “Where to Get” button to the right. Tap on that to go straight to the stage where you can sweep for that fragment. If you haven’t unlocked this stage yet, then you have to play your way to this stage in Ancient Ruins to get this item.

If the button under the Talent is green, then that means you have enough Talent fragments and you can activate or level up this Talent.

If no button appears below after you tap on a Talent, and a prompt pops up stating “You must activate a prior Talent”, then that means that there’s a Talent before this one that you have to activate first. Talents must be activated one by one, so you have to activate all prior Talents first before later ones can be activated.

Captain Skills
Captain Skills are special skills that individual heroes will cast at the start of battle. For example, Aurai’s Captain Skill is xxxxxxxxx, and it will cast a shield for all of her teammates at the start of battle, absorbing all damage for a brief period of time.

Each hero has a different Captain Skill, and the requirements for unlocking these skills also vary. Aurai’s, for example, can be unlocked by activating 15 Talents, and Saizo’s requires unlocking 50 Talents.

After a player unlocks the prerequisite number of Talents, he or she must then obtain the corresponding number of Captain Skill fragments. You can tap on a skill to view the required fragments, and the stages that drop them can be seen on the right. From here you can go directly to the right stage to get the fragments you need.

When you have enough fragments, you can unlock the Captain Skill. After this skill is unlocked, every time you take this hero into battle, you can see a special skill-casting animation. Really cool!

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