Thursday, August 11, 2016 New Update Incoming! Release on Monday 15-08-16 New Update Incoming! / 更新公告

Hero Changes:
1. New Hero: Delphos
Position: Mid row Mage. Single-target DPS.
a) Delphic Fire: Casts 3 orbs of fire at an enemy, each orb dealing 1 hit of damage. If there are other enemies surrounding the target, the orbs will first hit them.
b) Fire Beam: Casts an energy beam at an enemy, dealing magic damage.
c) Fire Wall: Summons a wall of flame to scorch a row of enemies, dealing continuous magic damage. This skill's damage is spread evenly over all enemy targets in range.
d) Deep Burn: When Delphos' skills only hit a single enemy target, they will deal extra damage.
2. Bedivere Awakens:
Awaken Skill - Increases Dodge for all “Righteous Partner”
heroes and gives them a certain chance of being immune to a disabling/crowd control skill.
3. Gorgana Skill Revision:
a) Venom Bite: Summons to snake to attack the target, dealing magic damage. Also deals a hit of damage to all enemies on the battlefield who have been poisoned.
b) Toxic Vapor changed to: Toxic Spray - Sprays venom in a fan-shaped area in front of the hero, dealing damage to enemies hit. If target's ability power is less than 50% of Gorgana's, he/she will receive a poison effect.
4. Merlynn:
Elven Shield: Changed how skill is cast. Now it will be cast by default on the ally with the highest ability power.
5. Rek:
Fixed issue with Rek not attacking after being silenced.

Update Content:
1. New System: Talent:
a) Every hero has 10 of their own unique Talents which can be activated one-by-one to enhance the hero’s abilities.
b) When a certain number of Talents across all heroes owned has been activated, Captain Skills will be unlocked. Each hero has different Captain Skills.
c) Captain Skills will have a big effect on a whole lineup. Some can cause or absorb a large amount of damage at the start of a battle, some can summon totems, and some can continuously enhance teammate abilities during battle.
d) Only one hero in the lineup can be chosen to be the Captain.
2. New System: Ancient Ruins:
a) A new battle mode with 5 major Ruins to challenge, giving out Talent Fragments and Captain Skill Fragments.
b) Each Ancient Ruin stage has an Ancient Guard Tower as a defender. The Guard Tower will act as the Captain and cast Captain Skills.
3. Alliance Turf Rule Adjustments:
a) Alliance Turf will get 72 hours of protection when the Lv 1 Citadel is placed on the map.
After a Lv 1 Citadel is placed for the first time, the 72-hr protection shield won’t be canceled if the alliance relocates.
After an alliance actively relocates to an area where Turf boundaries conflict with another alliance, they will not get the 72-hr protection shield.
(Protection will not be canceled if boundary conflict is passively incurred.)
Alliances that get forcibly relocated will get a 72-hr protection shield when they reestablish their Turf.
b) There will be various cooldown times for reestablishing turf after an alliance gets forcibly relocated based on their all-time highest Citadel level:
All-time high Citadel Lv 1 will have a 12-hour cooldown before being able to set up their Turf again.
All-time high Citadel Lv 2 will have a 24-hour cooldown.
All-time high Lv 3 will have a 48-hour cooldown.
All-time high Lv 4-8 will have a 72-hour cooldown.
c) Attackers can defeat the defenders of an alliance’s citadel a different number of times depending on the level of the Citadel being attacked. (Includes rally attacks)
An attacking troop can defeat the defenders of a Lv 1 Citadel up to 2 times.
An attacking troop can defeat the defenders of a Lv 2 Citadel up to 3 times.
4. Added Bonus stage 9-3 with an appearance from a mystery Boss!
5. Lowered the gold price of some runes in shops.
6. Added 1 map to War Guardian.
7. Added a 3rd batch of heroes to the hero name card system.

1. Players can skip the animations of the random monsters in War Guardian.
2. Added a red dot notification to the City Wall icon on the World Map.
3. Improved how multiple sweeping is carried out.
4. Improved the positioning of one of the tower construction points in Bonus 6-2.
5. Added a red dot notification to Alliance Advanced Build.
6. Improved the confirmation pop up when giving up on an Awaken quest.

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