Wednesday, August 3, 2016

NEW UPDATE - released on 08.08.16 Monday

Hero Changes
1. Corrected some battle formulas, raised durability for mid row heroes and lowered the criterion for a skill getting interrupted when hero is hit during casting.
2. Now summoned creature stats will be affected by the star level and color level of their summoners.
Detailed changes:
a) Alma’s ghosts get a health increase.
b) Medea’s bugs get ability power added.
c) Rams’ Hell Gate and Scarabs get a health increase.
d) Malachi’s Shaman and Witch Doctor get a health increase.
3. Grunk – Hero Awakening:

Awaken Skill: Molten Fissure - When his health drops to 0, he will split into two small rock minions and keep fighting.
4. Karas:Skill Revision: Tengu Ward – Increased skill range. Now Karas’s ultimate can affect enemy mid row units.
5. Pearl: Fixed a bug causing incorrect stats to be displayed for her ultimate in her skills page. This has no effect on the actual damage her skills do in battle.
6. Kong Ming: His soulstones are now available in Campaign stages, Diamond Wish, and the Black Market.
7. Kong Ming, Diaochan, and Léon soulstones can now be requested and donated in the Soul Exchange.Update

1. Mega Mine Rule Changes:
a) Mega Mines don’t require Construction pts anymore to open them up for attack. Now they unlock according to alliance level.
b) Lv1/ 2/3 Mega Mines unlock at Alliance Lv 3/4/5. (Note: Neutral Zone Lv 1 Mega Mines unlock at Alliance Lv 4.)
c) Protection period for Mega Mines is no longer a flat 24 hours. Lv 1/2/3 Mega Mines will have 12/16/20 hours of protection respectively.
d) Rewards won’t be sent via mail everyday anymore. Now rewards will accumulate in the Alliance Mega Mine page and can be collected there.
e) Some rewards that could not be given out incrementally were removed, such as Tech Speed Up Clocks. They’ve been replaced with Exp Elixirs.
f) Gold and Exp rewards have been slightly raised.
g) Construction points spent previously opening and teleporting to Mega Mines will be refunded in total.
2. Added a 2nd batch of Hero Name Cards.
3. Alliance Turf Rules Change:Turf Fragments cannot be looted when attacking an Alliance Citadel 2 levels lower of more than your own alliance’s.
4. Added some more hero background stories.
5. Added a map to War Guardian.

1. Increased difficulty of Campaign Boss stages.
2. Improved notices for Shadow Mines. Now players can quickly find various level mines.
3. Improved some aspects of Ladder Tourney.
4. When forming a rally attack against monsters, when the rally army is full, it will set out immediately.
5. Gold costs will be displayed when synthing equipment.
6. When looking up opponents in Hero Brawl, Awakened heroes will display properly.
7. Improved game RAM usage.

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