Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Upcomming Update ! Released on Monday (12. september.2016)

Hero Changes

1. New Hero: Vortex
Role: Mid row Mage. Burst damage, crowd control, energy stealing.
Ultimate: Orb Lightning - Transforms into an orb of lightning streaking across the battlefield, dealing damage to enemies in its path and stunning them.
Green: Energy Overload - Casts a combination of thunderbolts, chain lightning, and lightning clusters, dealing massive damage to the enemy.
Blue: Vortex Storm - Summons a vortex in front of him, dealing area damage and reducing enemy energy.
Purple (Passive): Energy Draw - When an enemy unit receives an energy reduction effect, Vortex will regen a certain percentage of energy based on the amount lost by the enemy.
2. Hero Awakening: Salman
Awaken Skill – Ultimate Storm: Casts 3 fierce wind bombs that attack enemies in a fan shape.
3. Lee
Bug Fix: This bug sometimes prevented the Nightmare damage buff triggered by his Sleeping Pill from taking effect.

Update Content:

1. New Gameplay: Magic Squares
a) After a server has been open for a certain amount of time, alliances that have unlocked Alliance Turf will be able to take part in a board game-style event called Magic Squares.
b) Magic Squares will take place once every 2 weeks, lasting 6 days.
c) Each game of Magic Squares consists of 3 alliances playing against each other. Each alliance will have their own spawn point on the board. At the spawn point, players can choose their game piece and set their hero lineups.
d) Players spend 1 action point to roll 2 dice and then choose 1 of the dice to move that number of squares. Players get points by landing on point squares or reaching their alliance spawn point, or by slaying or intercepting other players. Players will get 1 Magic Coin for each point earned which can be redeemed in the Magic Shop for hero soulstones and various runes.
e) Players can work together with their allies to activate special squares on the board which provide power buffs, healing, or even invincibility. By guarding special squares, players can intercept enemy alliance members and get various rewards.
f) Land on special item squares to get various powerful items which can enhance your power during the game.
g) At the alliance spawn point, players can choose to carry the alliance flag, thus becoming the Team Captain, capable of buffing the battle power of surrounding allies. A Captain who successfully carries the flag all the way around the board will also receive bonus points.
h) The alliance with the most total points at the end of the event will be the winner and will receive a huge reward of Shadow Essence, Magic Coins, and Gold. Players toward the top of the individual player rankings will also receive a diamond bonus reward.
2. Crystal Dungeon extended from Layer 135 to Layer 150.
a) At Layers 140 and 150 new equipment pieces will drop that can be used to synth a hero’s 8th piece of equipment.
b) Advance heroes to Orange +2 to unlock the 8th equipment slot. After equipping, the hero will get a huge attribute boost and a new equipment skill.
c) Slightly lowered recommended battle power for Layers 130-134.
d) New Equipment and Equipment Skills:
1) Azure Sky
Equipment Skill: Focused Fire - Each attack will increase the hero's basic attack. This effect can stack.
2) Wings of Origin
Equipment Skill: Exploit - Active. Finds an enemy's weak spot. When the target receives damage, a layer of weakness will be revealed. A few seconds later, AoE damage will be dealt based on amount of weakness.
3) Ten Tons
Equipment Skill: Tractor Beam - Active. Makes target move a short distance toward the caster and deals one hit of physical damage.
4) Bluesteel Armor
Equipment Skill: Overload Armor - Increases max HP based on the hero's armor and magic resist, lasting the whole battle. But at the start of battle, the hero's movement speed will be lowered.
5) Burning Helmet
Equipment Skill: Bloodshield - Active. Hero receives a shield which, when broken, will remove any stun, silence, or imprison effects from the hero and give lots of energy. Damage received will also increase for a time.
6) Ethereal Shield
Equipment Skill: Sacrifice Hand - Active. Protects one teammate. The damage received by this teammate will be redirected to the caster, but this damage will be reduced by a certain percentage.
7) Bleak Scepter
Equipment Skill: Decay Magic - Deals increased damage to enemies with lower than 35% health.
8) Force Book
Equipment Skill: Repulse Ring - Active. Knocks back all enemies within melee range of the hero, dealing damage and stunning them.
9) Aghanim Cloak
Equipment Skill: Blessing Magic - Active. Transfers some of the hero's HP to a target ally. Afterwards, the hero will continuously regen HP for a period of time.
10) Crystal Blades
Equipment Skill: Dual Wield - Active. Dealing damage within 3 seconds of casting will cause the target to catch fire, dealing extra damage.
3. Talents
a) Added a daily Hotspot Fragment to the Stardust Wishing Pool. Depending on how far along players have progressed in Ancient Ruin, one type of Captain Skill fragment will become that day’s Hotspot Fragment, making it more likely for players to get it on normal wishes and guaranteed to get on 10x wishes.
b) Improved the random drops of Talent fragments so that ones in higher demand will drop more frequently.
c) Added a display for Talent power to the Arena.
d) Can now buy multiple loaves of bread in a row.e) Added a display for which heroes can use Talent fragments in the Bag.
f) Improved the display when sweeping Ancient Ruins.
g) Added a display for Talent power to the Talent page.
h) Added a shortcut for jumping to the Talent page from Ancient Ruins.
i) Improved the page for setting the Captain. Now it will display the Captain Skill name for each hero.
j) Effects for the next level will now be shown in the Captain Skill upgrade page.
4. Challenge chances for Ladder Tourney can now be bought every day.
a) Purchase price will increase with each purchase.


1. A character count will be displayed when typing messages in the Mailbox.
2. Players won’t be immediately taken to the top of the Chat page when there are new messages/Alliance Gifts/Soulstone Donations, etc.
3. Improved the marching status bar on the left of the World Map page.
4. When a player’s castle has enemy troops marching towards it, if the player is currently doing something in some of the other interfaces in the game, an attack notification will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.
5. Added an anti-harassment feature to prevent players from scouting the same player over and over again in the same day.

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