Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New feature: Magic Square Game

Magic Squares is coming!!!
The new Magic Squares mini-game will be released on servers that have been open for 6 weeks or more. Only alliances that have unlocked Alliance Turf will be able to take part in Magic Squares. All players in the alliance will be able to play, including players who joined after the event started.
Event Time: Divided into 3 phases: Sign Up, Match Up, and Competition
Sign Up: Server Time Monday 05:00 – Tuesday 04:00
Match Up: Tuesday 04:00-05:00
Competition: Tuesday 05:00 to Sunday 05:00
Only alliance Leaders and Elders can sign up for Magic Squares on behalf of their alliance.
#Event Rules:

1.Each game of Magic Squares consists of 3 alliances playing against each other. Each alliance will have their own spawn point on the board. At the spawn point, players can choose their game piece and set their hero lineups.
2. After they’re finished setting up, players spend 1 action point to roll 2 dice and then choose 1 of the dice to move that number of squares. Players start out with 12 rolls and get 6 new rolls every 8 hours. Players that join an alliance after the game has already started start out with 0 rolls.
Players can get rune fragments or points by reaching particular squares, and upon reaching their alliance spawn point, the runes will refresh. Players will also get points for passing the spawn points of other alliances, and lots of points for passing their own alliance’s spawn point.
3. Alliances can choose a Team Captain who will carry their alliance flag around the board and give battle power buffs to nearby allies. Players can only see their own alliance’s Captain on the board.
When landing on a square, players can view that square’s info, and players of different alliances on the same square can engage in battle and get points for defeating members of other alliances.
On some special squares, players can set up guards and force others to fight, also receiving points for winning these fights.
#Event Rewards:
1. Players will get 1 Magic Coin for each point earned which can be redeemed in the Magic Shop for hero soulstones and various runes.
2. At the end of the event, the alliance with the most total points will be the winner and will receive a huge reward of Shadow Essence, Magic Coins, and Gold. Players toward the top of the individual player rankings will also receive a diamond bonus reward.
#Special Squares:
Turret: Land on this square and you can spend one action point to randomly barrage one target, dealing damage equal to 50% of the target’s max HP.
Invincibility Square: Get 5 alliance members on this square, and your troop will become invincible, unable to be attacked or take damage.
Intercept Point: Set a troop as a guard here and force non-allied passers-by to stop and fight you and get points for winning.
Even Number Square: Have an even number of allies stopped on this square at server time 05:00, 13:00, and 21:00 to get points. There are also Odd Number Squares with the same rules.
Item Squares: Land here to get an item, for instance, Invincibility, Buff, Healing, etc.
Buff Square: Have 3 alliance members here to activate this effect. All allies who pass this square will receive a buff.
Healing Square: Have 3 alliance members here to activate this effect. All allies who pass this square will be healed.

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