Hero Changes:

Hero Awakening:
1. Pulan

Awaken Skill: Deep Freeze – When his health drops to below 10%, Pulan freezes himself for 5s and regens health and energy. During the freeze, he cannot take damage or make attacks. Only triggers once per battle.

Hero Changes:
2. Little Red

Original Green skill changed to basic attack: Uses a machine gun to strafe enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of her.
New Green skill: Torpedo Blast - Little Red suddenly turns black and fires a torpedo to hit the enemy target farthest from her, dealing area damage.
Blue Skill: Caltrops: Now targets enemy back row units first.
This new version of Little Red poses a bigger threat to the enemy’s back row.

Hero Balancing:
3. Krash

Ultimate: Ponderation – Enlarged this skill’s splash damage range, and increased disabling time from 2s to 2.2s.
Passive: Krash Override – The immunity to being knocked airborne will not take affect when Krash is silenced.
We will continue to take note of Krash’s performance against Edwin.
4. Tartarus
Ultimate: Soul Bash – Heroes who have had their souls sucked out of them will lose even more attack damage and ability power. Damage transmitted to a body from a soul will not awaken the unit from a sleep state.

New Hero:
5. Lucifer

Role: Mid row Marksmen. Provides heavy crit strikes and can change form.
Ultimate: Shadow Eclipse - Spreads 6 wings & shoots feathers, dealing multi-hit phys dmg to up to 5 enemies. Passive: During his transformation, the battlefield is turned into Hades, and all units in Hades will receive an atk dmg boost based on their crit strike rate.

Netherwave - Deals AoE physical damage to target. After transforming, the area of effect is enlarged and also deals a stun effect.
Netherscar - Summons a Netherclaw to lash out in front of him, dealing physical damage. After transforming, the size and damage range of the claw is greatly increased.
Hades' Realm - Raises his crit dmg lvl. When an ally crits, it adds a layer of Seraphim effect which raises his atk speed & crit strike rate. At a full 5 layers, he enters Seraphim mode, buffing armor, mag resist, skills, & adding splash damage to his basic atk.

Other Changes:
6. Made changes to some of the stages which drop soulstones for Pearl, Max, and Bauer.
7. Max
Adjusted his position so that his Green skill force field can have an effect for more of his teammates.
8. Changed the descriptions for Yuan and Smoke to: Dashing Assassins

Update Content:

1. Main City
a) Equipment Forge, Dragon Prayer, Talent, Beast Soul, and Rune Core systems have been merged into a new building: Hero Temple.
2. Beast Soul Tourney
a) Added a new feature: Instant Win. Skip low-level division battles to promote yourself quicker and get rewards.
b) Only usable in the lower divisions. The highest division that a player can reach using Instant Win is related to their final division in the previous season.
c) Using Instant Win costs one battle chance just like fighting normally.
3. Alliance Carrier
a) A new structure for Alliance Turf: Alliance Carrier. A convenient way to speedily relocate alliance members.
b) Every so often, the Alliance Leader or an Elder can land the Alliance Carrier on any vacant space on the map, after which alliance members can quickly head the leader’s call and relocate nearby the carrier, as well as receive powerful battle buffs.
c) When a carrier is leveled up, the number of allies that can use it to relocate will be raised.
d) Using the carrier to relocate requires using a relocation card or spending Alliance Honor.
4. Magic Squares
a) Adjusted the Magic Squares opening times for merged servers. Now it will start one week after the first Alliance War, and then Alliance War and Magic Squares will alternate weekly.
5. Beast Soul
a) Added a notification animation when a purple beast soul is received.
6. Abyss Treasure
a) Increased gold drops for late-game Abyss Treasure.

1. Improved the prompt for automatically exiting a room after a Subterra battle.
2. Improved red notification dots for Alliance War. Now when a wager is available, a red dot will be displayed.
3. Fixed problem with Kingdom War arenas being covered up by castles on the map.
4. “Skip Animation” can now be selected for 50x Gold Wish and 10x Soulstone Wish drawings.