Friday, February 10, 2017

Update - Alliance Carrier, Arena Mystery Enemy

Hero Changes

Pandarus - Ultimate: Spirit Arrow – Increased damage conversion factor to make damage higher (base damage has not changed).
Nezha - Ultimate: Omnitractor – When counterattack is triggered, casting speed is increased. Now Nezha will teleport behind his target the instant he blocks an attack.
Lucifer - Slightly altered hero image.

Update Content
Alliance Carrier
Added a new building to Alliance Turf: the Alliance Carrier. It allows alliance members to quickly and easily relocate their castles.
Every once in a while, alliance leaders or elders can land their alliance carrier at any open space on the world map, after which alliance members can quickly heed their leader’s call and relocate nearby the carrier, as well as receive powerful battle buffs.
When carrier level is raised, the number of alliance members that can use the carrier to relocate will increase greatly.
When using the carrier to relocate, a player must spend a relocation card or alliance honor.
Arena Mystery Enemy
After Lv 80, every so often there’s a chance that a mystery opponent will appear in the Arena.
Defeating this mystery enemy will give a player a chance of winning diamonds, arena coins, gold and other rewards, and the mystery enemy will not reappear again for a certain period of time.
-To Do Pts
Improved animation effects for To Do page, and animations will only be played when entering the To Do page from another page.

Now when blocking other players, it will also block comments left by that player in your flower room.
Pressing the sweep button in Rune Trials when not on the final stage will trigger a second confirmation pop up

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